Ramiz Raja raises salary of domestic players after taking over PCB chairman

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Ramiz Raja, who was appointed as the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Monday, increased the monthly salaries of 192 first-class cricketers by PRK 100,000. The former captain added that there was uncertainty among the first-class cricketers in the current system.

Hours after becoming the 36th chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), former captain Ramiz Raja has ordered a PKR 100,000 increase in all domestic players’ monthly holders.

The increased pay will be given to 192 players with immediate effect, the PCB said. With the increase in monthly commissions, domestic players in Premier League and Class 11 leagues can now earn between PKR 1.40,000 and 2.50,000 per month.

The board added that the Ramiz Raja recommending a pay rise for players in all categories means those in the lowest D category will see an increase of about 250 percent in their monthly commitments.

“There is uncertainty among first-class cricketers in the new system. Whether it’s how long they will play, how long they will be paid, what they need to improve on and how their performance will be evaluated,” Ramiz told reporters afterwards. take the lead.

“I have spoken to the Pakistani team and discussed the model. We know clearly that Pakistani cricket has a fearless and aggressive approach in our DNA. We are unpredictable, so we are also very watchful because we can do anything on any given day I have many wishes for Pakistani cricket, but they will all remain wishes until we don’t work on our technique and skills,” he added.

The new chairman also said the board would soon launch an Under-19 T20 competition to strengthen the age group structure and ensure that young cricketers are fully aware of the nuances of the modern game. The 59-year-old also promised a major improvement in the quality of pitches in domestic cricket, claiming that bowlers have to work hard to get wickets and that batsmen are given conditions where they can make big scores.

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