Transgender sets himself on fire at Alexanderplatz – died in hospital – BZ Berlin

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Transgender sets himself on fire at Alexanderplatz – died in hospital – BZ Berlin

Terrible Tuesday afternoon scenes at Alexanderplatz! A transgender was set on fire there around 1.20 p.m., the police confirmed to BZ. She didn’t survive.

Witnesses immediately alerted the police. According to witnesses, the 40-year-old poured a flammable liquid in front of a branch of Galeria Kaufhof and then set himself on fire. You didn’t call anything, witnesses said.

Employees of the branch immediately stormed out and extinguished the burning person with a fire extinguisher.

The trans person was treated by an ambulance that was flown in with a rescue helicopter.

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She was seriously injured and taken to hospital by ambulance.

There, the transgender succumbed to his injuries in the afternoon, a police spokesman announced on Wednesday. “Political motivation can still be ruled out based on previous studies and findings,” it said.

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