Cricket News 2021: Tim Paine Neck Surgery, Tony Armstrong Bulging d*** Live TV Blunder Video

Cricket News 2021: Tim Paine Neck Surgery, Tony Armstrong Bulging d*** Live TV Blunder Video

ABC sports host Tony Armstrong has become clear about the hilarious TV gaffe that went viral on social media this week.

ABC sports presenter Tony Armstrong has become clear about the TV gaffe that went viral this week and flattered Australian Test captain Tim Paine.

On Monday, Cricket Australia confirmed Paine would undergo neck surgery to fix a bulging disc that restricted movement and caused significant discomfort.

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Report the story on ABC News Breakfast this week, Armstrong left his co-hosts in hysterics after accidentally saying “bulging d***” instead of “bulging disk”.

“Tim Paine will undergo neck surgery, but medical staff remain confident that the veteran will be a good fit for the Ashes. Paine has a bulging dick,” Armstrong said before correcting himself.

“That’s a funny one.”

It wasn’t long before the slip was brought to Paine’s attention, and he hilariously supported Armstrong by posting on Twitter, “Actually true story.”

Speaking at SEN Hobart’s Jack and Painey on Friday morning, Paine revealed to co-host Jack Riewoldt that he was first made aware of the blooper right before going under the knife.

“My phone went haywire,” he said. “I thought, ‘Christ, what happened here?’

“He (Armstrong) has taken quite a beating for it the past few days, poor fellow.

“It’s also an easy slip of the tongue.”

The radio program then called an embarrassed Armstrong, who sheepishly said to Paine, “You’re welcome. We believe in the truth at the ABC, mate.’

The Australian wicketkeeper was quick to respond: “There’s been a lot of fake news reported in recent years, so it’s nice to hear a little honesty.”

Armstrong continued: “It was during the 6:20 am slot that I’m doing, and the lights were on, but no one was home. I need a vacation.

“It came out and I’m like, ‘Oh god, what’s going on here?’

“I’ve just got to finish my autocue lecture and try to put out the fire I just lit.

“It just got more legs and it was gone.

‘A little bit of fun, isn’t it?

“Tim, it can only be good for your image. All that’s happened to me is that I’ve exposed myself to a world that’s as stupid as what I pretend to be.”

Paine remains adamant that he will be ready for the Ashes after Tuesday’s successful surgery that left him feeling “quite sore”. Surgeons had to cut a hole in the 36-year-old’s throat to fix the bulging disc high on his spine, close to his neck.

Paine said the surgeon had told him it was the right decision to have the surgery, not only to be fit for the Ashes, but also for his long-term health.

“I had the bugling disc that was pressing on my spine. I had some pain on the left side of my body,” he told SEN.

“It was that touch-and-go phase where I can’t pull it off and risk being right for the Ashes or get it right now and know for sure that I am.

“I’m quite happy with the decision. After the surgeon looked there, he said it was a good decision to get it done.”

Paine said surgeons “cut a big hole in my throat” before replacing the C6 and C7 discs high in the neck.

“They put my voting box aside and go that way. It’s less invasive, safer,” he said.

“They put the new disc in, stitched them up and off we go. I feel like my range is already better and I just don’t have to let the cut heal and give the disc over the next month to get to my spine, then get moving.

“The most important thing in the first two weeks is the healing itself. I have to take it with the bone that is there.

“It’s a slow process, I’ll be walking over the next few weeks and doing a lot of small physio movements in the neck. It’s just a matter of seeing how we go from there.”

With Andrew Bucklow & Russell Gould, NCA NewsWire


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