Hannity: Biden must end Rehoboth Beach vacation during crisis; ‘Get away from him and get to work’

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Hannity: Biden must end Rehoboth Beach vacation during crisis;  ‘Get away from him and get to work’

More than 100 Americans are trapped behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, more than 10,000 Illegal immigrants – Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in the aftermath of the halt in deportation flights from Haiti to South Texas. President Biden Selfishly decided to take a weekend vacation on the beach in his native state Delaware, Sean Hannity Said Friday.

His “The monologue is opening“, Hannity Torn Biden To ignore the multiplication crisis and continue to act unilaterally – to decide to go in this case Rehoboth Beach What are some of the less warm summer weeks in the Mid-Atlantic?

The host pointed out that now the 34th day of the American people is “held hostage behind enemy lines.” Afghanistan – And now he is hiding while flying to the famous people he swore to protect Sussex County, Dale To enjoy the weekend.

“At the moment, Biden is not working twenty-four hours to secure his release, he is not in a command center working on a solution. Instead, he is enjoying another long weekend in Delaware,” Hannity said.

According to Local reports, Biden’s plane crashed into a parking lot near Lake Gordon on the north coast around 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Hanniti said, “Someone in the administration needs to remind Jola that he is the president of the United States.

“If he’s too weak and too weak to work seven days a week, he should resign and retire because right now … there are serious crises on many fronts.”

The host turned his attention to France, where America’s oldest aligned nation – returning to teamwork with Marquis de Lafayette during the Revolutionary War – has taken an unprecedented step. The US ambassador was recalled He was originally blinded by the United States and the nuclear submarine agreement, as indicated by Philip Etienne, Macron administration Australia – It is claimed that they are already in talks with Canberra to discuss the matter on their own.

Hannity added that White House CENTCOM Commander Kenneth “Frank” Mackenzie Jr. announced the US drone strike in Kabul when the administration announced the killing of an ISIS-K member, instead creating a “shameful Friday news” when it killed a relief worker and several children transporting water.

“Do you understand that, Joe? Seven innocent children were killed in a drone attack on your ‘horizon’ – blood on Biden’s hand.”

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That’s what he added Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milli had earlier assured the country that the mission was a success and called it a “righteous strike.”

Hanniti reiterated that if the Chinese backchannel’s allegations in a recent book written by two Washington Post reporters were true, the four-star general would have been a traitor.

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