Security Council resolution calls for ‘equal and meaningful participation of women’ — Global Issues

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Security Council resolution calls for ‘equal and meaningful participation of women’ — Global Issues

The resolution also emphasizes “the importance of establishing an inclusive and representative government” in the wake of the Taliban takeover on August 15.

It further emphasizes the importance of “upholding human rights, including for women, children and minorities”.

The members of the Council authorized a six-month extension of the UN mission’s mandate and requested the Secretary-General to prepare a report by 31 January 2022 containing “strategic and operational recommendations for UNAMA’s mandate in light of recent political, security and social developments”. .

Girls play volleyball at a school in Herat, Afghanistan, in 2016., by UNAMA

He also calls on António Guterres to inform the Council about the situation in the country and the work of UNAMA every two months, until March 17, 2022.

The resolution recognizes “the need for greater efforts to deliver humanitarian aid” and says it requires “all parties to provide full, safe and unimpeded humanitarian access.”

The people of Afghanistan are engulfed by multiple crises, with half of the population in urgent need of assistance. More than $1 billion was pledged to help the civilian population at a special UN humanitarian conference held Monday.

Terrorism worries

The 15 members of the Council also want to ensure that Afghanistan is not used as a base for terrorism.

“The territory of Afghanistan must not be used to threaten or attack any country, to plan or finance terrorist acts, or to harbor and train terrorists, and that no Afghan group or individual operating on the territory of any country,” said the minister. resolution reads.

The text emphasizes “the important role that the United Nations will continue to play in promoting peace and stability” in the country, highlighting not only UNAMA, but other agencies, funds and programs as well.

Future of the country

Separately, in a joint press statement from Security Council penholders (who lead and negotiate the drafting of resolutions) Norway and Estonia, their ambassadors noted that the situation “remains unpredictable” in Afghanistan.

For them, today’s vote shows “the unanimous position of the Security Council to support the Afghan people through a continued presence of the United Nations on the ground.”

The two countries say they will “continue to support and amplify the voices of women peace workers and human rights defenders in Afghanistan”.

“Afghan women are pillars of society and must play a vital role in building lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan,” the statement said.

The co-penholders welcomed the commitments made at Monday’s conference to scale up humanitarian funding, but said it is also critical to ensure that humanitarian aid, especially female humanitarian workers, has safe and unimpeded access. has to the whole country.


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