Fondi Lega, Preemptive Seizure of Fanpage Videos revoked. The magazine: “Thank you, but there’s nothing to celebrate”

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Fondi Lega, Preemptive Seizure of Fanpage Videos revoked.  The magazine: “Thank you, but there’s nothing to celebrate”

Has been withdrawn by the public prosecutor of Rome on preemptive strike and the blackout of the videos related to the investigation Follow the money on the funds of the League, signed Fan page. The measure lasted 24 ore, since the morning of September 23 two plainclothes police officers came to the office and filed the deed. “Thank you”, underlines the main board with base a Naples“Because without the massive mobilization in defense of from colleagues, politicians and many, many citizens, we don’t believe all this would have happened.” But, he points out, “There’s none of… celebrateBecause on the site we read: “We simply defended a right that we thought we had acquired, that of freedom of the press, which was instead suddenly and unbelievably denied us. There is no nothing to celebrate, because since yesterday we have matured even more in the realization that there is a piece of land for which investigations and entire newspapers can be taken and blacked out without a shot being fired. There is nothing to celebrate, because nowhere, not even in the revocation, does the principle that journalistic content should never be taken or obscured as a preventive measure, except in the cases provided for by the Constitution, cases in which defamation is not included”.

The case has sparked controversy and criticism on several fronts, and the newspaper has received solidarity from several subjects, including the Campania Order of Journalists, Fnsi – Italian National Press Federation – and Sugc – Unified Union of Journalists of Campania. “We shouldn’t be on our guard,” Fanpage concluded. “Today we have won a great little battle. But the war is long. And it has only just begun.”

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