AFL grand final day with a difference | The Canberra Times

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AFL grand final day with a difference |  The Canberra Times

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Traditionally, the grand finale weekend in Victoria is when the barbecues come out for the first time in six months. This year it’s picnic blankets. For the people of Ballarat, they were released from lockdown just in time for the big game on Saturday night, but they still can’t get a visit to their house. So every footy final meeting has to take place outside. But for those looking to grab the portable barbecue for a picnic for up to 10 people, or spend a long weekend somewhere in regional Victoria, the CFA is reminding those folks to double check your barbecue safety. READ MORE: CFA chief officer Jason Heffernan said there are no visitors at home, he expects regional Victorians to make the most of the long weekend and get out into nature. “We can’t have visitors in our homes yet, but I know that many Victorian families and roommates are eager to light their barbecue for the first time of the season as they make the most of the long weekend of the grand finale,” he said. . . Before putting the sausages on the hot plate, he said it is important to check that there are no gas leaks from the lack of use by putting soapy water on the hose to see if it is bubbling or not. “Soap bubbles will appear if gas escapes. If this happens, turn off the gas and correct or replace the connections. Contact a licensed gas fitter if you need help or are unsure about the connections,” he said. Forest Fire Management Chris Hardman, Victoria’s chief firefighter, also urged caution around campfires. “With many regional Victorians planning a trip over the long weekend and throughout the school holidays, it is critical that campfire safety remains a priority,” he said. “It is critical that the community work with us to prevent wildfires from starting and pay attention to campfire safety – unattended campfires can spread quickly and have devastating effects on communities and the environment.”


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