Guyana Assembly President Doesn’t Call “Clearly” For Vaccination

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Guyana Assembly President Doesn’t Call “Clearly” For Vaccination

“I wasn’t chosen for that,” said Gabriel Serville, a guest on BFMTV this Friday. The Guyanese elected representative accuses health authorities of a lack of information as the virus flares up overseas.

He calls on the health authorities to “do their information work”. The President of the Territorial Collectivity of Guyana, preferred to get in touch on the topic of vaccination this Friday, when he was a guest at BFMTV. On our antenna, Gabriel Serville did not clearly call on the Guyanese to get vaccinated.

“I cannot clearly call on the people of Guyana to get vaccinated because I am not exactly convinced that this is the process I should start today,” he said into our microphone on Friday, arguing that he “is not was chosen for that reason”.

With this, the local elected representative is following in the footsteps of Christiane Taubira who last Thursday felt he had no “calling to advocate for vaccination in Guyana” on RTL. Gabriel Serville, for his part, asserted his “balanced stance”, while the subject of injections to fight the pandemic “was not part of the campaign” that made him elected on July 2 and which he must deal with with his own parliamentary majority , with “as many vaccinated people as unvaccinated people”.

Information missions considered incomplete

The President of the Territorial Collectivity of Guyana, for his part, believes that the problem lies in the shortcomings of the program implemented by the health authorities in the overseas territory. According to him, the latter are not living up to their mission of educating the population about the vaccination against Covid-19.

“There are health authorities whose job it is to provide information: it has been more than a year to make it clear to them that there are many people in Guyana whose French is not their mother tongue. We need messages and places in the languages ​​that people understand can understand and understand. This work is not done.”

Likewise, for Gabriel Serville, the government is guilty of failing to guarantee full coverage of the territory to contain the coronavirus outbreak:

“Guyana has borders that are life basins, which are veritable sieves, and which the government monitors more closely to see who comes in and who goes out. This work is not done.”

In the South American territory, the numbers are increasingly worrying. With 21 patients who died in the past 7 days, Guyana has never recorded so many deaths and intensive care admissions since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic.

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