Treviso, the mayor no vax takes his office out of the town hall: “I can’t go in to work without the green pass”

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Treviso, the mayor no vax takes his office out of the town hall: “I can’t go in to work without the green pass”

He was once a Social Democrat, then a member of the League, then continued with Forza Italia. Now that’s just the mayor (Venetian) by Santa Lucia di Piavea, a town in the countryside of Treviso, Riccardo Szumskic he is above all a heretic. Because like a doctor prescribes exemptions from vaccines, to the point of falling into the crosshairs of the Order of Physicians. Because he takes to the streets to explain all his doubts about anti-Covid prophylaxis. Because it supports home care, before the protocols indicated by the Region. Now it’s a mayor who does the mayor stay outside the building?. Not in a metaphorical sense, but in a physical sense. To avoid having to show the green pass or smear every two days, he preferred it bring your office outside the town hall. Once under the gazebos he collected the signatures of the Northern League campaigns, now he receives municipal staff and citizens. Until the good season allows, we’ll see when the temperatures drop.

The mayor does not hide that he has not been vaccinated. Rather, he displays his status that prevents him from having the pass to enter the offices. And so he started working in the square. Szumski has said several times, “I’m not a no vax, though I think vaccination should be a responsible choice. If I’m not vaccinated, I’m not telling my patients not to get vaccinated, let’s compare the pros and cons of vaccination for each of them, and I vaccinate those who ask me. As for me, I want to be free to do it or not”. And about his patients he assures: “Out of my 1500 patients only three are positive, all three fully vaccinated”.

In the past, he had already been challenged by the health authorities. Now, on the eve of the start of his activity as an administrator in the open air, he seems to have to answer for a certificate of exemption. Francesco Benazzi, general manager of Treviso’s health authority, told local newspapers: “A school in Friuli brought us into the spotlight a certificate of exemption for a teacher signed by Dr. Szumskic. It can’t: Vaccinators can only sign waiver certificates for their patients, not for others”. For this reason, the ULS seems willing to check all certificates signed by the GP. “We will check to see if any other invalid vaccine waiver certificates have been made”, Benazzi added, but what about the requirement for doctors to get vaccinated? So far he has presented medical certificates that allow him to avoid prophylaxis. But if the reasons for justification fell, one could arise delay.

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