Greta Thunberg, insults to Minister Cingolani and filthy Palazzo Mezzanotte. Scivolone al corteo – Libero Quotidiano

Coric against the Minister of Ecological Transition – “Who doesn’t jump in Cingolani” – and a little bad demonstration action they saw a colorful and orderly procession of young people invading the streets of central Milan for Student strike for the future, the demonstration evoked by the movement Friday for the future at the end of the Youth4climate event in the Lombard capital. Among them too Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate, with the Swedish activist who dances to the tune of BellaCiao, one of the most popular choirs in the procession ranks. More than 50 thousand according to the organizers, 9 thousand for the police, the people who marched from Largo Cairoli through the central streets, past Piazza Affari and past Piazza Duomo, to stop at Piazzale Damiano Chiesa.

Here, from the podium, some international guests intervened and spoke for the crowd of young people. The most anticipated intervention is that of Thunberg, who has returned to accuse politicians of talking too much without acting. “Here, in Milan, ministers from all over the world are discussing the… climate crisis and they say they have the solution to the climate crisis, but aWe saw their lies and their blah blah blah and we are tired”, her words from the stage where she was greeted by the applause of the young people.

“The climate crisis will get worse and worse, and the longer we wait, the more the damage will be irreversible,” recalls the activist who returns to attack the inaction of politics in the face of the climate emergency. “Hope does not come from politicians, from blah blah, from passivity and empty promises. They ask us to believe in them, but the hope is we, the people, who can make the change together.” So no disorder in the Lombard capital, any refrain against the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolanic and some demonstration actions. Some activists have smeared the Unicredit headquarters in Piazza Edison, with a banner that reads ‘Unicredit enriches itself with weapons and oil’. Others left their handprints with: red paint on the facade of midnight palace, headquarters of Bag.


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