how your car gets stolen while you are in the supermarket – Libero Quotidiano

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how your car gets stolen while you are in the supermarket – Libero Quotidiano

Robberies, thefts with dexterity and violence on things, as well as improper use of credit cards, consumed to the detriment of citizens, in the car parks of shopping centers or refueling areas of the metropolis of Bologna and the province of Modena.

Three precautions were taken at dawn between the two provinces. The handcuffs were activated for the three Italian men of Sinti ethnicity. At the same time, house searches were carried out aimed at finding evidence, and three preventive seizures of as many large cars used to commit crimes. The operation of the carabinieri company in the center of Bologna, coordinated by the prosecutor Anna Cecilia Maria Sessa, led to the arrest of Cemp Debarre, 36 years old; Massimo Debarre, 38; Michel Minguzzi, 31. They stole in 17 municipalities between the provinces of Modena and Bologna. Among the other villages, Budrio, Casalecchio, Castel Maggiore, Valsamoggia.

Now, by order of Truppa’s investigating judge, they are in prison and are responsible for four crimes: violent theft, robbery, improper use of credit cards (stolen during the gunshots), material forgery for boarding custom-built cars. have moved with false plates. Other problems could pass as they received citizenship income in the meantime. g.The researchers reconstructed 37 thefts and 2 robberies. Women were targeted in 31 cases.


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