“I will always be with you”

I’ll be with you, always by your side“. So Beppe Grillo, speaking at the end of Virginia Raggi’s election campaign. We also planned some nice things together.” “Your loyalty and mine to you has always been there. Whichever way I can go, I’m honest with Folks, I’m not always honest with ideas. You have given so much for Rome, even physically you have changed, you have given everything to this city“.

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“You won’t disappear if you don’t win the office of mayor, you won’t disappear from the movement, you’re on the committee of guarantors,” Grillo added. “You have inherited an extraordinary but perverted city, Rome lives in the past, every Roman is a Nero in miniature, he plays and sings it, he says ‘li mortacci’ and behind his back he has the apocalypse “.” I wish you all the best, I also wish Di Maio, the Taverna, our wizard of Oz Conte, who is now aware of the squares. Now he goes around the markets and they say: ‘Ao, you are so good’. He comes from academia, he is a professor, now that he understands where the movement originated, he begins to understand the meaning of the movement,” he concludes.

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