‘In the mood I win with everyone’

I win with everyone in the second round“In view of the administrative elections, Action’s mayor candidate Carlo Calenda says he is sure of victory, adding from the Piazza del Popolo stage that “the others are in danger.” “We are a citizen list and 90 % of candidates are engineers, doctors and professionals. It will be voted through the center, right and left. We go to the vote and we will win“.” There are many young people in this square, who have never been seen in a square,” he points out.

“The days of asking citizens to vote and say things will happen are over. I don’t accept the idea of ​​a 15-minute program about Rome. But what? Gualtieri explains what you want to do”. “I will choose super experienced people, because this city is a disaster. Women – adds Calenda – are half of this list because they are smart and not because we decided on a quota. Young people, already eighteen, are men and if we treat them not. from such we will have a generation of people who are weak and unable to live”.

“Decency and security protect the weakest. I am sorry to tell Mayor Raggi that she did not have the courage to admit that she blocked the subways or that she lost the Olympics. If we don’t ask for the programs, we will Don’t have a government All they say Calenda is a lonely man You are only considered if you are not a politician We have chosen a hard road, that of independence But politics is changed with courage and not with agreements To To rule Rome you have to change the ruling class, the whole country has a huge need”.

“If you make the agreements, you lose a part of yourself. Italy has to have the courage to fight hard – Calenda adds at the end – not to end up with the Rays and Di Maio. I am uncompromising with the 5 stars. ” .

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