Lauterbach on the formation of a government: “Of course I would not refuse a ministerial position” – politics

The SPD politician and health expert Karl Lauterbach can also imagine that he will become Minister of Education and Research in a future government. “Of course I would not refuse a ministerial position in areas in which I am well versed,” said Lauterbach Tagesspiegel.

On the one hand this is health policy, on the other education, science and research. At the same time he posed for the Social Democrats’ forthcoming explorations with the Greens and FDP also the civil insurance, which has long been mandatory, is available. “At the moment nothing is out of the question,” says the expert. One should not burden the polls with red lines.

The chances of agreeing on a traffic light alliance are “all the better if everyone gives the other room for their own strengths and if you show mutual respect,” Lauterbach said. “In the health sector you should not say now that there must be a public insurance. And don’t insist that there is a funded system. We have to wait and see if we can agree to try something together.” The Liberals are against the idea of ​​a citizen insurance that should be financed in solidarity by all, which the Greens are also asking for. You want the old dual system of statutory and private health insurance to be preserved.

A big problem: a lack of doctors

About the post of health minister, Lauterbach said: “I would not be afraid and trust myself. But my life goes on, even if I don’t become a minister. “For him” the office was never in the foreground, “but always the desire to be able to do good work”.

The expert emphasized that at the Ministry of Health under the previous department head Jens Spahn (CDU) “a lot of things have been left behind”. It is now “ensuring that the system is properly funded again”. Nursing needs to be financed differently and the lump sum system in hospitals needs to be adapted. “And we have a huge problem that has hardly been talked about until now: in a few years we will not only be with nurses, but also with doctors.”

One in three wants the SPD experts as ministers

This is especially concerning because it comes at a time when “more people than ever before, namely those of the baby boom generation, need to be cared for”. “We urgently need to take countermeasures very quickly here,” Lauterbach demanded. Specifically, he called for the creation of “at least 5000 additional medical study places per year” in the coming legislature. In addition, one should “address the problem of young people in nursing through more attractive working conditions”.

Lauterbach, who has been in the Bundestag for 16 years and has now been reconfirmed as one of the SPD’s most successful direct candidates with nearly 46 percent, hate gained popularity in the corona crisis thanks to her expertise.

A poll from the Civey polling station for the “According to Business Insider” 45 percent of Germans want an SPD health minister – which can only mean the busy professor. And according to another survey from the Insa Institute for the Bild, 30 percent would like to see him as part of the federal government. No other social democrat currently comes up with such values.

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