Perugia, two-year-old child who died near a supermarket: his mother stopped

The mother was in a daze

The child had some stab wounds, possibly in the abdomen and neck, but this is one of the details that has yet to be determined with certainty, it seems in all probability one or more stab wounds. The woman, believed to be the baby’s mother, appeared in a confused state and would later give several versions believed to be contradictory as to why those injuries were fatal.

Outside the supermarket a pram with blood stains

After leaving the child, the woman, of foreign origin, did not leave, but remained on the spot and was therefore blocked by the carabinieri. Weapon personnel immediately began investigations, including with the military specializing in scientific investigations, and cordoned off the area around the supermarket. And just outside the supermarket, a pram was found with some blood trails, one of the elements being investigated by detectives.

Found a knife in a house at the supermarket

Also cordoned off a disused and abandoned cottage a few hundred yards from the supermarket. Various investigations were carried out here that led to the discovery of a knife. Under the assumptions that the child may have been injured in or in front of the building and then taken to the store. However, it is still unclear whether the baby had already died when the woman took him to the supermarket.

There are still many points to be clarified One of the main points to clarify is where and how the injuries were caused. The woman and child did not live in Città della Pieve but in a family home outside the region. The father would be found abroad instead. The investigation will now have to show how and why the child and what the mother appears to be in Città della Pieve.

“What is certain – said the mayor of the Umbrian center, Fausto Risini – is that it is a great tragedy that took place in a small and quiet center, now upset. We are close to the family and to those who go through so much .” pain right now”.

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