Riz Rizona Vote Review ‘Made up the numbers’, election experts say

But official records show – and the investigators’ own count of 2.1 million ballots was effectively confirmed – that those 40 boxes actually contained 48,371 ballots, or 15,692 more than the count.

The worksheet indicates that nine boxes have not been counted. But even if those boxes were dropped from the tally, the remaining boxes fell short of the appropriate total of 4,852 ballots, experts said.

With similar reviews now for Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas, it is becoming clear that Riz Rizona’s biased review succeeded when it failed – raising issues of baseless talk while failing in any factual way to support Mrs. Trump’s struggling election claims.

Rizzo-style reviews in other states are likely to follow the same script with the blessing of Republican political leaders, who are encouraging them, said Stanford University law professor, election expert and democracy scholar Nate Percy.

“The real issue is on the sidelines for those who push the deception story forward,” he said. “The idea that the election was stolen is becoming a tribal-defined belief. It’s not about proving something at the moment. It is about justifying a particular description of reality. ”

Indeed, in the wake of the initial Cyber ​​Ninjas report, Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate put forward their resolve to proceed only with an election review, including a request for a driver’s license number and all 7 million partial social security numbers. Pennsylvania voters.

State Senator Doug Mastriano, a Republican and a key supporter of the election review, said in a statement last week that “the historic audit in Maricopa County has been completed and important conclusions have been reached.” “If these kinds of problems were uncovered in Maricopa County, imagine what could be brought to light from a full forensic audit in other U.S. counties that processed a large number of mail-in ballots.”

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