Rome, Grillo calls Virginia Raggi: “If you lose, you will not disappear …”. Buzzing in the square, the mayor: ‘They grumble, we want to win’

“There has always been my loyalty to you.” Beppe Grillo intervenes by telephone to close the election campaign of Virginia Raggic in Rome. In a square with more than 800 people, these are the seats according to the organization, the guarantor of the movement stated: “These elections will pass anyway, I suggested and you were voted in the guarantee committee of the movement, so you will not disappear if you lose your position as mayor…“. Immediate buzz in the crowd in the square, in Bocca della Verità, with the outgoing mayor having to point out: “Here they mumble, because we have a great goal: to win again”.

So Beppe Grillo continued: “If they confirm you, it will be a victory for all of Italy, for all of Europe – he explained – We did some nonsense, we trusted people we should not have trusted …”. Then he concluded: “I embrace you, I embrace those with the green pass and from a distance those without a green pass”.

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