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Status: 01-10-21 21:09

After a truck collided with a passenger train in Neukirchen on Friday night, the clean-up work continued into the evening. No one was injured. The railway was reopened.

As a result of the accident, the railway line between Burg auf Fehmarn and Oldenburg had to be closed for many hours. The railway organized a taxi shuttle service. A truck collided with a passenger train on Friday night. According to the federal police, the tractor of the accident, which was loaded with a tiny house, has been recovered by a tow company. The railway line between Fehmarn and Lübeck could only reopen in the evening.

The cause of the accident remains unclear

According to the police, the truck driver, the train driver and a passenger on the train were shocked. No one was injured. Property damage is estimated at a high six-figure amount. According to the federal police, the heavy transporter got stuck on the level crossing. The train could no longer brake in time.

Extra information

The rescue work took hours because heavy equipment was needed. The complete combination including the load weighs about 140 tons.

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