unions denounce a ‘impediment to the right to demonstrate’ in Paris

An inter-union union is calling for demonstrations on Tuesday to defend wages and jobs and against pension and unemployment insurance reforms.

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“This is not allowed”. The regional trade unions CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires and Unef in Ile-de-France have “a new obstacle to the right to demonstrate” after the rejection by the Paris Police headquarters of the proposed route in the capital for the October 5 parade. That day, a union called for a day of demonstration and strike in defense of wages and jobs and against pension and unemployment insurance reforms.

“The prefecture has just rejected the route originally proposed, submitted ten days ago, which went from the Place de la République to the Place de la Concorde, accuse the regional unions. The reason given, the proximity of ministries and Place Vendôme, is not acceptable. We have ridden this route before and without any problems.”

“These are indeed political choices with a desire to take union marches away from places of power.”

Several unions in Ile-de-France, including the CGT and FO

in a press release

In response, the Paris Police Station argued that: “the proposed routes pose safety concerns, especially on the section between Opéra and Concorde, and direct the police headquarters to recommend changes to the routes”. According to her, “Talks are taking place with the organizers and are underway.”

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