“What represents me”, unprecedented humiliation – Libero Quotidiano

The businessman Marco Benattic, guest of Barbara Palombellic An Tonight Italy on Rete 4, on the October 1 episode, he tears apart the leader of the 5-star movement Giuseppe Conte. “I agree with Sansonetti, Conte stands for absolute emptiness of thoughts “attack.” It comes from who knows where but manages to have a consensus, at least in the squares and where it can be seen, higher than what people who think about politics attribute to it,” continues the entrepreneur.

“It’s the zeitgeist”, he answers wryly Piero Sansonetti. “I wonder why, how is this possible and what does this depend on”, Marco Benatti concludes.

Also Vittorio Sgarbic he is very hard on the new president of the 5 Star Movement, especially compared to what was initially the Elevato party: “As Sansonetti Conte says with great acuity, it does not exist at all, he says nothing”. The former prime minister is “a man without qualities”, the art critic still attacks. “Leading a party that denies its identity. His reassuring words express the opposite of what Beppe Grillo did,” concludes Vittorio Sgarbi.


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