A man was hit in the face when two people wearing clown masks broke into a house north of Brisbane looking for drugs

Reportedly, two men wearing clown masks broke into a house in Bray Park, north of Brisbane, and shot a man in the face.

Police said the two men, wearing clown masks and high-visibility T-shirts, approached the property around 2:20 p.m.

One man asked a man in his forties to supply them with drugs, before a fight broke out and the man was shot.

“One of the perpetrators fired a bolt while the other was waiting outside with a firearm,” Acting Sergeant Mark Spencer said.

“[The victim] He sustained superficial injuries to his face as a result of what we believe to be a gunshot wound.

“We are not quite sure what the gun was or what shot he had.”

Sergeant Spencer said the alleged perpetrators fled the scene on foot, and the victim was taken to Prince Charles Hospital, where he was being evaluated.

The police were speaking to witnesses who were at the house at the time, but they were also appealing to the public for information and dashcam footage.

Sgt. Spencer said police do not believe there is any continuing threat to the community.

“I think they went to the address for a reason so, at this point, it’s clear investigations are underway to determine what caused that and whether they are known.”


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