Alexandre Benalla’s “Luxury Process” – Liberation


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The very lenient sentences demanded by the prosecution are inversely proportional to the political and media uproar caused by the crimes allegedly committed by the former Elysee mission manager.

All that for this? Alexandre Benalla, prosecuted for no less than ten offenses (violence, forgery, carrying a prohibited weapon, usurping a sign reserved for public authority, etc.), the accumulation of which could have earned him several years in prison, s ‘ is seen with the request, Thursday evening, in the penultimate straight line of the trial, a suspended prison sentence of eighteen months, no more, and suspended two to 12 months for the other three suspects, while defense lawyers pleaded for release on Friday. We fully understand the position of the Public Prosecutor, the very honest Yves Badorc, who asked for a new assignment on behalf of the Paris prosecutor’s office yesterday for the last time: “The case has already been reviewed by the court, the suspects branded with a hot iron from social networks, sentenced to demolish the walls, locked up for hours.”

But with a flip side for Alexandre Benalla, the former Elysee mission manager, who is doing well, especially now for €4,600 per month for the World Organization for Resilience and Crisis Resolution (OM…


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