Alfa Romeo F1 representative, Lando Norris displeased with ‘reprimand even if he walks over white line’ F1 Russian GP final[F1-Gate .com]

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Alfa Romeo F1 representative, Lando Norris displeased with ‘reprimand even if he walks over white line’ F1 Russian GP final[F1-Gate .com]

Frederick Vasul, representative of the Alfa Romeo F1 team, believes Lando Norris (McLaren), who entered the final of the F1 Russian Grand Prix over the white line of the pits, should have been penalized.

After the F1 Russian Grand Prix, the Lando Norris pit entry was a big point of discussion. Normally a 5 second penalty and a 1 point penalty are imposed on the white line, but many observers were surprised that Norris only got a reprimand.

Importantly, if Lando Norris had been given a 5-second penalty, he would have been in 9th place behind Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) and Sergio Perez (Red Bull Honda) instead of 7th.

Lando Norris certainly looked like a simple breakup. Lando Norris went to the pit lane to replace him with an intermediate on the remaining two laps, losing control of the pits and the entire car crossing the white line and returning to the track. He then managed to return to the pit lane, but Norris himself admitted in a post-race interview that he could be penalized and further demoted.

When Kimi Raikkonen received the checkered flag, Alfa Romeo F1 was confident that Lando Norris would be penalized and was told by radio that Raikkonen would be promoted from 8th to 7th.

To make matters worse for Alfa Romeo, Kimi Raikkonen was penalized for a five-second pit stop at Mugello last year and was demoted from 8th to 9th place in the final result.

So it’s no wonder that the news that Lando Norris’ case was only reprimanded surprised the Alfa Romeo F1 camp, especially team representative Frederick Vasul.

The recent FIA ruling has been criticized for being inconsistent, but the F1 Russian Grand Prix ruling over Lando Norris has bolstered Alfa Romeo F1 and Frederick Vasul.

The biggest complaint was the F1 Belgian Grand Prix, which got half points for two laps behind the safety car. It gave Williams 10 points to fight for millions of dollars against Alfa Romeo F1 in 8th place in the Constructors’ Championship.

“I’m very sorry that Rand had a great weekend in Sochi,” said Frederick Vasul.

“But don’t change the rules just because you like him and deserve the win. The rules are very clear and you should be punished if you cross the line.”

“In many cases, like Yuki Tsunoda at Spielberg and Raikkonen at Mugello last year, there were 10 times fewer cases than this time, and it’s exactly the same as Lewis at Hockenheim in 2019.”

Lewis Hamilton at the 2019 F1 German Grand Prix was technically due to go to the other side of the entrance pole instead of going over the white line, but was assessed the same 5-second penalty.

Going further back, there were tougher penalties for pit lane violations. Felipe Massa was given a drive-through penalty for crossing the entry line at the pit stop at the 2013 F1 Brazilian Grand Prix, the final race at Ferrari. In a different scenario, Sergio Perez was also given a drive-through penalty at the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix. At the time, Steward said: “The pit entrance was late and hindered other drivers.”

Interestingly, there are precedents where a pit lane violation during a race was reprimanded rather than a time penalty. Lewis Hamilton was involved with Hockenheim in 2018. At that point, Hami Milton chose to go to the pits, cross the line and return to the truck.

“The driver and team frankly acknowledged that there was an error and confusion about whether they should stay out of the team or go into the pits, which led to the violation,” Steward said.

They added that “the violation occurred during the safety car period”, “there was no danger to other participants and the corner was executed in a safe manner”.

During the F1 Russian Grand Prix, Steward explained why he reprimanded Lando Norris for moving slowly and “I don’t think crossing painted areas was intentional or predictable.” ..

However, Frederick Vasul claims that Lando Norris’ return to the Sochi racing line deserves a normal time penalty.

“It could have been worse in these circumstances,” said Frederick Vasul.

“When Kakuda put the wheel on Spielberg’s white line it wasn’t a safety issue and there was no time gain. If he went straight at the pit exit and hit the white line it wouldn’t be any faster. It’s the same as, but he was punished.”

“And nobody complained about that that day, because the rules were clear. I put the wheel on the line and was punished.”

“Land’s advantage was mega last week, either because it took 5 seconds in this condition, or if you get wet again with slicks, you’ll probably lose 25 seconds.”

“And maybe the five-second penalty is not enough. I remember Lewis being penalized in Hockenheim (2019). 99% of the paddock complained that it was too small.”

“Now we can say that we are starting to find explanations around the incident, not the reason. And we look stupid. The rules are very clear. Never think about the benefits of those rules. Wasn’t it the right situation?”

Frederick Vasul sees Lando Norris’s statement as an example of too much interpretation by Steward.

“The problem for us is that if someone opens the door for this kind of debate every time someone puts a wheel on the white line, we’ll try to find a good reason,” explains Frederick Vasul. ..

“And we go to Steward to show and explain the data. It’s an endless discussion.”

“I’m afraid I’ve had too many problems in recent weeks. In Monza’s qualifying, driver (Nikita Mazepin) (Antonio) Jobinati blocked and he was not penalized because the team had not informed him. I remember that . It is a joke. “

“No one has ever thought about this. Three years ago we did the exact same thing in Monaco, but Giovinazzi was punished. He didn’t complain because he screwed up someone’s rap.”

“It’s hard to consider and try to understand the reasons behind the mistakes. That’s a new argument.”

Alfa Romeo F1 and Frederick Vasul also smoked during the F1 Emilia Romagna GP earlier this year, when Kimi Raikkonen was given a 30-second penalty for failing to enter the pit lane after spinning for the rolling restart.

At the time, even Steward admitted that there were clearly conflicting rules, but the penalty was still applied, causing Kimi Raikkonen to be relegated from 9th to 13th.

“I think they didn’t think the story started with the race director when they made a very difficult decision for you in Imola,” explained Frederick Vasul.

“Obviously, according to the rules, the race director has to signal a rolling start a few laps later, not when he is in the pit lane.”

“There was too much controversy in the last 6-7 events. I think we have to follow the rules. There’s no other way. As you can see, the spa was a disaster.”

“In Sochi there was a driver (Fernando Alonso) who crossed the curb of Turn 2 but didn’t come back in the usual way. When we asked the race director he said: ‘No problem. They don’t get the advantage. But that’s not a rule .”

“The rules are complicated, but even the clear rules try to complicate the situation.”

Frederick Vasul admitted that Lando Norris’s story was the final blow after several circumstances that affected his team this season, saying that “at some point it starts to grow”.

“Looking at the last five or six events, there has been controversy and it’s not good for the sport, my team or shareholders, but first and foremost we look stupid.”

Frederick Vasul says the ordinance is either white or black and should be less interpretable.

“As long as the rules are set, we will follow the rules. Our sport is complicated. When we had an incident in Imola, 10 years ago I saw the competition rules. The number of pages is It was half!”

“I had a long discussion with some colleagues and I’m really dissatisfied in the end because everyone is getting more and more professional and the general level of all subjects in the paddock. And these kinds of decisions are bullshit.”
Representatives of F1 teams rarely act like football coaches and publish referee decisions, but Frederick Vasul is not worried about that.

“I know I’ll probably have to go back to Steward, and I’ll be fined for my words. One race can be banned. Stay home with my family. Hope it’s a good way to be! But I have to respond. ”

Alfa Romeo F1 representative, Lando Norris displeased with ‘reprimand even if he walks over white line’ F1 Russian GP final[F1-Gate .com]

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