Algeria recalls its ambassador to France for ‘consultations’

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Photo montage of French President Emmanuel Macron and his Algerian counterpart Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

ALGERIA – THEAlgeria decided to call back this Saturday 2 October “for consultation” his ambassador to France, announced on public television, citing an official statement from the Algerian presidency and indicating that another explanatory statement will follow.

“Algeria is recalling its ambassador in Paris for consultations and a press release on the subject will be broadcast,” said the television, which showed a short Arabic text of the Algerian presidency on screen.

Local media picked up widely on Saturday a newspaper article The world where French President Emmanuel Macron, who receives descendants of protagonists of the Algerian war, estimates that after its independence in 1962, the country was built on “a memorial”, maintained by “the politico-military system”. He also calls for “an official history”, according to him “completely rewritten” that is “not based on truths”, but on “a speech based on a hatred of France”.

This is the second time Algiers has summoned its ambassador to Paris since May 2020, when then-ambassador Salah Lebdioui was the subject of an “immediate” recall following the broadcast ofa documentary about the pro-democracy protest movement Hirak, broadcast on France 5 and the parliamentary channel.

A decision “without prior consultation”

This decision also follows France’s announcement, Tuesday, September 28, to reduce the number of visas granted to nationals of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia due to the “refusal” of these Maghreb countries to issue the consular passes necessary for the return of immigrants returned from France.

“This decision, taken without prior consultation with the Algerian party, contains the crippling anomaly of having been the subject of media uproar which has caused confusion and ambiguity about its rationale and scope,” the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Foreign Affairs, that is what the French ambassador in Algeria called on Wednesday, September 29.

The ambassador, François Gouyette, was informed of “a formal protest by the Algerian government following a unilateral decision by the French government affecting the quality and flexibility of the movement of Algerian nationals to France,” the ministry said in a statement. .

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