Austin MotoGP: Mir speaks with safety committee, ‘must find a solution’ | MotoGP

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Austin MotoGP: Mir speaks with safety committee, ‘must find a solution’ |  MotoGP

Joan Mir has spoken out against current track conditions at COTA with current MotoGP championship leader Fabio Quartararo.

On a day when MotoGP returned to America for the first time since 2019, the subject of bumps once again dominated, just as it did two years ago.

Mir, who finished FP2 in 13th, said: “I think I speak for all the riders when I say that if we come back and they don’t come back up there is no chance to race.

“There is definitely a solution in this case, but it means money, no? It’s expensive and I don’t know if they can find a solution.

“Here it seems like they have to reappear every three years! I understand it’s difficult, but we have to find a solution because today… well… we have to find a measure.

“We will speak seriously in the Security Committee and we will see what the conclusion is.”

Mir’s comments match those of Quartararo who was unhappy about where and how many bumps there were, leading him to call the track surface “a joke.”

In fact, Mir does not believe he would be able to race safely with his current bike and setup: “Well, with my bike and setup I have to say no. If I improve tomorrow and everything is a little better and I can go through the bumps then can be.

“I don’t know what the other riders think. There will certainly be some who take advantage of the situation and say: ‘it’s not bad, it’s okay.’

Mir plans to run a different chassis over the weekend to evaluate if it can handle the bumps better, while other “stuff” from the recent Misano test can be tested as well.

“We have to see if the other chassis is better for the bumps. We’ll try, but now the priority when the engine is pretty good in the rest of the track is to find stability,” added Mir.

“That’s the main thing. If we get what we need, we’ll try things from the test.”


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