Berlusconi on the field: ‘It’s time to go back to Rome’

Everything is ready for the return to the field of Silvio Berlusconic. De Cav announced, after months of absence between hospitalizations and positivity of the Coronavirus, that he wants to return to play a leading role in the scenario of Italian politics. “I think the time has really come to go back to Rome. I feel better, although of course the doctors will give me the last green lightsaid the leader of Come on Italy. Already in recent days, he had leaked the possibility of landing in the capital to personally resume the main political activities.

Berlusconi returns to the field

The workload will certainly be considerable, given his absence for health reasons and the important electoral appointments in the different cities of Italy: “There are many things to do and these months of limited activity weighed heavily on me“However, Berlusconi, in the interview with… The morning, he was eager to thank the entire blue galaxy who, however, continued to work to uphold the party’s core values: “My absence certainly didn’t do Forza Italia any good, but our managers have done an exceptional job that has also produced important results in the electoral field.“.

The role of Forza Italia

The knight also once again drew attention to the political role of Forza Italia, which continues to be an essential pawn for the entire coalition of center right: “Forza Italia is something unique, irreplaceable in Italy and in the context of center right“In this sense, he proudly asserted the liberal, Christian, pro-European and guarantee ideals:”Without us and our ideas there would be no winning centre-right and government either in the cities or at the national level“.

administrative elections

To stir up the center right are some fibrillations a few days after the vote, but for Berlusconi there is no real panic: “I’m used to giving the weight they deserve, that’s none, to election campaign fibrillations“Also because he believes it is a mistake to refer to the Administrative Service as”a major poll on national political balance“However, he promoted the coalition’s choices in the main Italian cities: Fabio Battistini (Bologna), Luca Bernardo (Milan), Catello Maresca (Naples), Enrico Michetti (Rome) and Paolo Damilano (Turin).”We have selected quality candidates who combine culture, professionalism, administrative competence and civic passionCav explained.

Government and Quirinale

For the leader of Forza Italia, the collaboration with the Prime Minister Mario Draghiit is awesome“But he wanted to reiterate a clear concept: at a point like this, after the effects the pandemic continues to cause, it is unthinkable to introduce other taxes. A condition that demonstrates”the absolute necessity to continue uninterrupted on this road until 2023“. In February, the competition officially starts for the Quirinale, but Berlusconi does not think it right to intervene on an issue that should only be addressed in due course: “I’m not talking about the Quirinale, and I’m not dealing with him until the day the President of the Republic ends his mandate“.

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