Biden says ‘everyone is disappointed’ because the agenda in Congress stalled during the Dame split

President Biden He told reporters on Saturday that after two major lawsuits in Congress stalled, as well as raising the debt limit, everyone was disappointed.

“Everyone is frustrated, it’s part of being in government, frustrated,” Biden told reporters on the White House lawn.

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Biden spoke to reporters on his way to Delaware over the weekend when left-wing Democrats approved a bilateral $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill if a separate $ 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill packed with left-wing priorities was voted on. With significant social costs and climate change Taxes rise for rich Americans.

The latter bill would have been advanced using the budget reconciliation process, meaning it would require only 50 votes in the Senate and therefore avoid the Republican filebuster. However, for that to happen, each of the 50 Senate Democrats must be on board.

That week’s solidarity was questioned by moderate Democrats, including Sen. Kirsten Cinema, De-Ridge Ridge, and Joe Manchin, W.W.A. Without their support, the bill could die when it comes to the Senate, as the bill is not designed to gain Republican support.

But the Progressive Democrats refused to support the infrastructure bill until an agreement was reached on a massive reconciliation package, meaning there would be no votes to pass in the House.

The bill’s discomfort is that Democrats, who have a slim majority in the 50-50 Senate and House, face political difficulties.

The rush for the Virginia government, the bidon approval, the infamous battle of the dams?

Although much progress has been made in negotiating the House, Senate and White House agreement on the Build Back Better Act, more time is needed to complete the work, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote in a letter to the House of Commons. The $ 3.5 trillion bill our chairs are still working for clarity and consensus. Clearly, the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill will be passed once we have agreed on the Reconciliation Bill. “

Biden met with Democrats on Capitol Hill on Friday who was told by Fox News that it was an attempt to bring down the temperature between the two wings. Biden told Democrats he did not have the votes to pass the infrastructure bill.

On Saturday, Biden promised to “work like hell” to get the bills passed.

“I support both of them. And I think we can meet both of them,” he said.

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On Saturday, the White House also issued a statement saying Biden left a meeting with Caucus Democrats on Friday “in the firm belief that there is a shared commitment from the Democratic Caucus to deliver to the American people.”

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said the president and his team will maintain close ties with both members of the House and Senate through the weekend. “And he’s looking forward to not only welcoming members to the White House next week, but also looking to travel the country to make a case for his bold and ambitious agenda.

Separately, Democrats are pushing ahead with efforts to raise the debt ceiling, as the country’s debt continues to rise amid massive spending in Washington, which faces an Oct. 18 deadline. Biden said Saturday that if Republicans do not agree to lift the limit, it will be “undeniable.”

“Well, I hope Republicans aren’t irresponsible enough to refuse to raise the debt limit – which would be completely unwarranted,” Biden said.

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But Republicans aim to make Democrats “fail” in their legislative efforts.

“It’s official. Democrats failed,” said Rip, chairman of the Republican Studies Committee. Jim Banks, R-W., Said in a statement.

“This week was his shot at passing a massive spending bill through the infrastructure agreement and reconciliation, and he couldn’t fulfill it because his party has been taken over by extremists.”

Chad Pergram and Kelly Morris of Fox News contributed to this report.

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