Biden seems to have the support of independents

President BidenJoe BidenFrance (and Britain) should join the quad Idaho’s secretary of state beats up election deniers Under Biden’s leadership, the United States could fall further behind in the Arctic More Lost the support of a major group of voters who helped him enter the White House: independents.

The current impasse on Capitol Hill and the dispersal of troops from Afghanistan and the ongoing crisis on the Mexican border have helped to erode the support of independent and more moderate voters.

A recent survey shows that Biden’s numbers are falling sharply with major demographics.

In a Gallup poll last week, Biden’s approval rating dropped to 37 percent among independents, the lowest since Biden took office, and 24 points below his 61 percent approval rating at the start of his administration.

A ABC / Ipsos poll This week, Biden called on independents to address key issues, including the epidemic, infrastructure and the withdrawal of Afghanistan. The survey found that the president reduced the handling of his peers by 7 percentage points in the independents from August to September, and Biden saw a 9-point drop in the independents on their infrastructure handling.

And an Associated Press poll released on Friday found that Biden’s approval rating among independents dropped from 62 percent in July to 38 percent in September. Biden’s overall approval rating in Friday’s poll was 50 percent, down from 54 percent in August.

Political analysts linked the months of tough numbers for Biden and the lack of results, including his legislative agenda stuck in Congress.

Mike Morey, a former assistant Democratic strategist for Sen. Charles Schumer (DN.Y.), said: . “They just want things to get done and get better. I think if you look at the numbers around Afghanistan, they don’t see the retreat, and they don’t see what’s happening on Capitol Hill. ”

Biden has seen two main pillars of his economic agenda stop on Capitol Hill in recent weeks. The House is yet to pass the पाया 1.1 trillion bilateral infrastructure bill, passed by the Senate in August, even after promising to oppose it until it finalizes a major reconciliation package with a commitment to spend on health care, education and climate programs.

The vote shows that the infrastructure bill is popular among both parties and independents, and with the support of the Senate minority leader, Biden is seen as the best chance of a significant bilateral victory. Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Michelle McConnellThe Hills Morning Report – presented by Alibaba – Democrats still disagree on the Biden agenda The House sends a bill to Biden to avoid a government ban at midnight 5 reasons why this week’s political battle is different from others More (Ky.) And other Republicans.

The president has similarly promised action on gun violence, the right to vote, and immigration that runs on a brick wall in the Senate, where a 50-50 split has allowed Republicans to block major bills.

Privately, some Democrats have recently expressed concern about the voting numbers they are looking for for Biden. They wonder if the polls have lasting power, especially as the race for serious governors has intensified in the coming weeks and mid-term elections are approaching next year.

Biden ran after Trump years later on a promise to break Washington’s fever, but he had limited success. Opposition to the Infrastructure Bill by the progressives in their party can be especially difficult to reach out to independents who just want the work done.

As one Democratic strategist put it, “I don’t think Biden really does what he says, like after four turbulent years to get things back on track.” “A lot of people think they haven’t seen much lately, especially if you’re not drinking Biden Cool Ed.”

Matt Bennett, co-founder and executive vice president of Centrist Think Tank Third Way, threw cold water on a Gallup pole and called it external.

“It’s very temporary,” Bennett said. “It’s a snapshot in time.”

He said Biden could reschedule his approval if he is able to pass two bills in the next few days. Those measures will “bring a little wind into his sails,” he said.

“This is what the independents want the government to do,” he said of Congress approving the bill. “It will resonate with them.”

Biden’s slide among independents has led to a sharp drop in his turnout, which began in early August, as cases of coronavirus escalated and US troops withdrew from Afghanistan. White House officials have largely avoided the latest vote, arguing that it could lead to concerns about the epidemic.

In fact, Biden still has a high number of approaches to dealing with epidemics. The ABC News / Ipsos poll, for example, shows Biden receiving 57 percent of his handling of Covid-19. The poll is helping to alleviate some of the concerns Democrats feel when Biden ranks on other issues.

“It’s all about Kovid, at least right now,” said one strategist. “Some people may disagree with me, but I think that’s all that matters now. The better he gets the closer he gets to getting the country back on track. ”

The optimism is that the country has reached the peak of the Delta variant wave as cases and hospitalizations have been declining in many parts of the country, with confidence in democracy growing that if Biden can set his economic agenda, it will benefit the president and party members below the ballot.

“Democrats win when they unite behind popular policies that help people rather than set an agenda for outsiders,” the coalition of progressive groups said in a statement after the infrastructure vote was delayed on Thursday. “Today, Democrats’ best hope is for those who voted for them to come together behind what they want, not to meet the unpopular votes of outsiders whose priorities are similar to those of corporate lobbyists.”


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