Bombers hint at plans to expand the service’s hand

Bombers hint at plans to expand the service’s hand

Essendon GM of football Josh Mahoney has hinted at what the Bombers plan to do with their first round pick in the 2021 AFL Draft.

The club currently has pick 11 in the upcoming draft, then no pick until the third round after last year’s pick change.

Fresh off their assault on the first round of the 2020 draft that put Archie Perkins, Nik Cox and Zach Reid all in the top 10, the Bombers are once again planning to take on multiple draftees early on.

“The work Rob Forster (National Recruiting Manager), Adrian Dodoro (List Manager) and I have done on the concept, we would like to have a few more choices,” Mahoney told me. Sports day.

“We will try to get involved in some potential opportunities there.

“We think there’s a good group of players in the 10-25 (pick), so if we can get a few players through that I think it could add to the three first-rounders we brought in last year.”

Perkins and Cox have shown enough in their first year to suggest they will become successful pick-ups for the club, with Reid only playing that one game after suffering a glandular fever and a back injury.

The Bombers have one of the youngest roster profiles in the AFL and showed a significant improvement in 2021 to make it to the finals.


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