British government wants Germans as truck drivers

Thousands of truck drivers are missing in the UK. The government is now taking unusual measures: it is recruiting candidates by letter – even from Germans who have never driven a truck.

The acute shortage of truck drivers in Great Britain has far-reaching consequences: there are long lines for the gas stations that are still open, because many of them cannot be delivered on time. The shelves of supermarkets also remain partly empty. The British Ministry of Transport has now also written to Germans living in England: they have to get behind the wheel of a truck.

Many drivers from Eastern Europe left the country during the pandemic. Due to strict entry rules according to the Brexit many do not return. The government now hopes to remedy the situation with short-term visas for several thousand drivers until Christmas. In addition, according to the Independent, about a million people with a lorry driving license in England received a letter with the following comment: “The time has never been better to find a job that suits you as a lorry driver.” However, this also includes many Germans living in the UK, but mind you, for the most part, they have never driven a lorry.

“Thank you, Boris!”

The reason: German driver’s licenses issued before 1999 entitle you to drive a truck up to 7.5 tons, which is equivalent to a medium-sized truck. Now the letter from Transport Minister Charlotte Vere is asking to consider “a return” to the trucking sector.

It was also written to: Peter Neumann, Professor of Security Studies at King’s College London and member of the future team of CDU. He shared the letter on Twitter, saying: “Good news: if politics don’t work, I can still be a truck driver in England. Thank you, Boris!” Behind it he put smiling emojis. Several other people have posted that they received such a letter, including epidemiologist Sibylle Mohr. One person writes, “Wow, that looks desperate.”

On Friday evening, the AFP news agency reported that the army must intervene first from Monday. Soldiers are supposed to deliver gasoline to the gas stations.


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