“But how do you do that, for 30 votes? I’m going crazy »- Corriere.it

by Paola De Caro

The leader of the Brothers of Italy furiously called the manager and forced him to step back. “But how can you deal with certain people for 30-40 extra votes?”

The earthquake will hit at 9 p.m. on Thursday. And what had been a tiring and tense election campaign becomes for Giorgia Meloni “the worst ever: mean, ferocious, suspicious”.The case opened by the Fanpage investigation, leading to the opening of an investigation
, dives like a rampant truck on Fratelli d’Italia and the leader with her people says she is “disheartened, discouraged: someone devotes his whole life to serious politics and then you get this sort of thing… It’s discouraging: if you can’t be blackmailed, you have to die. You can’t save Italy that way ».

And it’s anger in the evening that predominates, outrage at what the party considers a “clockwork” investigation, fired a day before the election silence “not to let us answer”, again targeting the center-right after the Morisi case, also viewed with great suspicion, one-way street because “Why didn’t they ask their nice questions about Arcuri’s masks?” protests the leader, why “no nice interview with Cirinnà’s dog?” laughs Ignazio La Russa. Three years of journalistic research and then «they do ten minutes: what about the other 100 hours? Why don’t they show them to me? » almost shouts Meloni with her family. But after taking action. It infuriates her that he “takes seriously a character who – La Russa assures – sees everyone as a speck in Milan”, that “Black Baron” Jonghi Lavarini who is “a nostalgic old monarchist, someone who also makes you laugh but who can not be an interlocutor of any party, it is no coincidence that we have kicked him out of An” and, they say , of the lot , is perhaps “Closer” to the League. But he infuriates her, even in what he sees as some kind of conspiracy «Lightness» by Carlo Fidanza.

The FdI leader knows full well that the greatest damage can come from alleged illegal funding of the party, even more than from “ridiculous theaters of people we don’t want with us, people who say nonsense that are very far from our thinking and that we keep away “especially the anti-Semitic “feelings that we reject with all our strength “because “we are friends of the Jewish community” swears La Russa. So yesterday morning, after receiving a WhatsApp in which her head of delegation to the European Parliament wrote to her: “I am in your hands, what I did is unforgivable, I realize it, you decide what I must do,” she yelled at him and yelled at him, asking him for an explanation of everything, not before telling him to immediately suspend himself: “You know I love these things, but how can you interact with certain people to get 30-40 more likes? How do you talk about “black” and similar nonsense? ». He, they say, would have justified himself on all fronts: the anti-Semitic jokes? “I laughed at Jonghi, I laughed at him.” Payments in black? «They didn’t broadcast everything, the truth: they offered money for money and I said no … I just said they could pay for a dinner, an electoral aperitif …».

Words that Meloni wants to judge well, because she trusts a person “whom I have known for a lifetime”, but in some cases it is always wise not to put her hand on the fire. That’s why he demands “the entire recording, the 100-hour transcript. Because if action needs to be taken, I can do it in a minute, I’m not afraid to kick people out of the party. But if it’s a trap, if there are people who want to frame mine, I want to know…”. And now the vote: “I don’t think we will be harmed: I receive reports of messages from people disgusted by this operation, of the false moralism of Letta defending a 13-year-old prisoner, of Giarrusso taking lessons despite the stories with the tobacco lobby”. And again anger: «One does a lot and then…».

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