Calenda fills Piazza del Popolo: “I am the dragons of Rome”


the election campaign ends

Gianluca De Rosa

The candidate for mayor and leader of Action is on fire and says he is sure he will go to the polls. Salvini attacks: “Enough with the papier-mâché bullies”. Notes by Morricone, cinema. It’s Calenda pop

Piazza del Popolo the last time brought good luck. Under the Pincio in 2016, a few days before the first round, Virginia spoke to Raggi. The ten thousand participants already felt the first breeze of the “wind of change”. But the ambitions were more modest this afternoon. Action booked only half of them. And yet it fills up, people also gather outside the barriers that separate the rally from the rest of the square. And the thing is playing its game. “I pass for bad, but that’s how I get moved. We’ve filled Piazza del Popolo, let’s win!”, he starts contentedly from the podium Carlo Calenda.

Among the listeners is also a small delegation from Italia Viva who knows bitterly something about elections and capital. I am Roberto Giachetti, last candidate for mayor of PD and center-left e Luciano Nobilic, which was sort of a factotum of that election campaign. In short, at least you got into the mood, who wins here? Giachetti sneers: “I’m in press silence that I don’t want to bring bad luck.” Nobili, on the other hand, is convinced: “Let’s go to the polls and win, a good sign because it means that people will not have chosen on the basis of political conviction”. Talk about that. About the controversy Calenda right, Calenda left? “It’s a surreal debate, but still changing things is center-left and he can change them.” And from the podium, Calenda also radiates confidence: “I think Gualtieri and I will go to the polls in the end, surprisingly. Michetti won’t get there, he ran a non-existent election campaign, a copied program attacking Salvini: “Enough with the papier-mâché bullies. Enough, because we don’t want to end up with Raggi and Di Maio, because we want to do serious work, politics isn’t just blood and shit, it’s a beautiful, exciting thing.” He therefore launches a comparison that may be too ambitious: “Today Draghi likes it, well in Rome there is the possibility to vote for someone like Draghi”. ass. People still appreciate it. Giovanni Aranci, 83, former newsagent and bibliophile, hands him an election manifesto from the action party. “That’s the right tradition, Carlo keep it up”.

In the three arbors in the square they are divided flags, t-shirts, bags and other gadgets with the brand “Calenda Sindaco”, “Fero or feather”, or other election slogans. At the third arbor, the queue to collect the proxies for the representatives of the list is very long. “Good sign”, says a candidate in the municipal elections with a smile. Meanwhile, Action’s leader claims from the podium his bourgeois family lineage: “I have relatives, state lawyers, ambassadors, directors, I am proud because my family has contributed to this country”. And even to those who tell him that he is the candidate of the Parioli, he replies: “But what is this anger anyway? What are the Parioli, a neighborhood of the SS?”. Then waste, and then the incinerator, demolition and so most bins etc. At a certain point, however, Calenda is silent and sends a video.

A lengthy montage made by Calenda’s mother, the director, begins on the notes of Enrico Morricone’s Love theme Cristina Comencinic. Seventy years of cinematic Rome. Mamma Roma, Roman holidays, Shalla, Beautiful, Sweet diary, Catherine goes to town, Habemus papam, a certain day, Under the sun of Rome, An American in Rome, To Rome with love, Bicycle thieves, The great beauty, Jeeg robot , Eat, pray and love. The list is very long. It is the first pop idea, in American style, that raises the bar of emotions, which immediately afterwards when it comes to thanks, to an almost grotesque level. Calenda, who has already compared herself to Draghi, does one thing with Obama. “I wouldn’t be who I am, I couldn’t do what I do if I hadn’t had Violante by my side for thirty years.” Kiss the aspiring first lady on stage and applause. Then the Roman spirit gives way to the internationalist spirit. To the tunes of Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen, candidates and staff enter the stage and begin to dance.

The curtain closes. First test passed: solid squares … if one continues the sentence Calenda makes horns.

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