California will make the Covid-1V vaccine mandatory for future students

The Sacramento-California governor on Friday issued the country’s first statewide Covid-1 vaccine order for schoolchildren, saying they need to be vaccinated against coronavirus to attend public and private schools in the state.

The coronavirus vaccine is added to other vaccinations, such as measles and mumps, by order of Gavin Gavin Newsom, which requires nearly seven million students to attend K-12 schools in person. This order will apply first to grades seven through twelve, and then to kindergarten to grade six, but only after the Food and Drug Administration has given full approval to the vaccine for that age group.

This is the largest order announced during the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic across the country, More than 700,000 people are being killed, Disrupting education and disrupting the economy.

Another comprehensive order requiring health workers in New York, Rhode Island, Maine, Oregon and the District of Columbia to be vaccinated went into effect in California on Thursday. In Connecticut, state employees, school staff and child care workers have until October 4 to receive at least one dose of the vaccine. And major companies, including United Airlines and Tyson Foods, have made the coronavirus vaccine mandatory for hundreds of thousands of workers.

Indicates the primary data Commands are working Convincing holders who continue to refuse vaccinations due to misinformation or religious or political reasons. (Most orders have limited medical and religious exemptions.) But schools in general are more cautious about the orders, as not all children have been authorized to vaccinate, and political consequences that could force parents into their hands. Indicates voting The healthy share of parents – estimated at around 40 to 50 percent – is expressed Hesitant to vaccinate their children.

Only a handful of school systems have been moved to vaccinate children for the covid-1 vaccine, and Mr Newsom’s statewide rule is subject to federal approval, which could take months, especially for young students. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is fully approved for people 16 and older; The vaccine is available to children between the ages of 12 and 15 under the Emergency Use Authority.

According to people familiar with the companies’ plans, Pfizer and Biotech are expected to ask the FDA next week to authorize emergency use of their vaccines for 5 to 11 children. Pfizer board member Dr. Scott Gottlieb said the FDA could make a decision on authorization before Halloween.

The California order is expected to give political armor to schools in more conservative areas of the state to enforce the same district-level order, especially in areas where vaccine resistance has created coronavirus hot spots. Kevin Kelly, a member of the Republican state legislature on his chamber’s education committee who was among those who challenged Mr. Newsom A recent attempt to remember him, Noting that the mandate is unlikely to have an immediate effect, and criticized the governor for acting unilaterally instead of working in the legislature.

He further added that the need for children to be vaccinated was inconsistent with the governor’s refusal to issue similar orders to state prison guards, who generously donated to back his campaign. A federal judge ruled this week Vaccination for guards.

“The governor just wants a headline,” Mr. Kille said. “We had the worst schools closed, we had the worst businesses closed, and now we have the highest levels of coercion and control when it comes to order.”

Voting indicates this California is next to the country When it comes to vaccinating children. Nationally, about 48 percent of parents between the ages of 12 and 17 said their child had been vaccinated by September, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

But Mr Newsom said reaching high levels of immunity would be key to keeping classrooms open. About 63 percent of Californians between the ages of 12 and 17 have received it At least one dose of vaccine, Compared to about 72 percent of the total California population.

The governor said he expects the requirement to apply to grades seven and up, starting July 2022, during the next fall semester, with the provision of separate study for non-vaccinated students. Rules for students with medical and other exemptions will be determined by the process of making public rules.

“We want to end this epidemic. We are all tired, ”the governor said, adding that the eldest of the four children is 12 years old. His family had to be isolated several times during the outbreak, and a few days after Mr News returned the memories, his office confirmed. Two of them The children tested positive for Kovid-1 for.

California has taken a particularly tough stance on epidemic health precautions, an approach that keeps classes off longer than the rest of the country – to some extent at the behest of powerful state teachers’ unions – but this has led to one of the country’s lowest rates of new coronavirus cases recently.

Last month, Los Angeles Unified School District – The second largest in the country – became the first major school district in the country to announce vaccination orders for children 12 and older who go to school individually, which will be widely effective by January.

School districts in Culver City And Piedmont Similar announcements have been made. In the school board Oakland Students aged 12 and over voted last month to require vaccinations, though some details – including time – still remain to be ironed out. In San Diego, Students aged 16 or over must be vaccinated to attend an individual class by the end of December, which has the right to be vaccinated in younger age groups.

California also requires K-12 students, professors and staff to wear face masks at school and Vaccine rules announced In August for teachers and other school staff. Including other states and districts across the country Washington State, New York City And Oregon, Well done.

Sarah Marvosh Contributed to the report.

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