Centrist Democrats go after Pelosi due to delayed basic polls: ‘extremely unfortunate’

Representative Josh GothammerJoshua (Josh) GothaimerThe Hills Morning Report – presented by Alibaba – Democrats still disagree on the Biden agenda No agreement: delay in infrastructure vote 5 reasons why this week’s political battle is different from others More (DN.J.) and Stephanie MurphyStephanie MurphyAs the standoff deepens with GOP, the home loan limit is suspended In the face of stubbornness, the infrastructure seems ready to draw votes Pelosi: No restraint for Democratic debt ceiling holdout More (D-Fla.) Went behind the speaker Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiThe transport fund runs out after Pelosi pulls out the infrastructure vote The Hills Morning Report – presented by Alibaba – Democrats still disagree on the Biden agenda White House says House Punt infrastructure ‘closer to agreement’ after vote More (D-California.) For not bringing a पाया 1.2 trillion bilateral infrastructure package to the polls this week, despite earlier promises of party restraint, the same demand.

Both members aimed to get Pelosi to withdraw a vote on the package, which has already been passed by the Senate, as House progressives have threatened to support the bill until the chamber passes the multi-billion-dollar social benefits package it needs. President BidenJoe BidenFrance (and Britain) should join the quad Idaho’s secretary of state beats up election deniers Under Biden’s leadership, the United States could fall further behind in the Arctic More‘S domestic agenda.

In a statement, Gothammer called the decision “extremely regrettable” and said Pelosi had called on members of Congress to vote on a bipartisan bill this week as a “firm, public commitment.” Previously committed To contract in the last week of September.

Pelosi sealed the deal in August after a moderate Democrat-led group revolted against the leadership’s plans to delay approving the deal in August, as she voted on a budget resolution for a larger social spending plan.

Gothammer wrote, “With a group of members, I am working day and night to get the bipartisan bill passed, we had legislated with my Senate colleagues in April. “But a small left-wing faction in the House of Representatives undermined that agreement and blocked a significant vote on the President’s historic Bilateral Infrastructure Bill.”

The House of Representatives is referring to a group of progressives who have promised to vote against the package if the large social spending plan is not approved first, if the physical infrastructure agreement is already passed, their colleagues will withdraw the partisan bill.

In a statement, Murphy, co-chair of the Blue Dog Coalition, said she was “very disappointed and disappointed” when voting was delayed again, as well as what some of her colleagues called a “misguided attempt.” To ‘benefit’ their fellow Democrats. “

“My condition is clear from day one. I support the passage of a bilateral infrastructure bill, “she said, as well as support for the approval of a larger social spending plan” that is financially disciplined and prioritizes measures to combat climate change. “

“In my mind, there is no ‘zero’ relationship between these two bills. I will continue to evaluate each bill on its own merits and vote accordingly,” she said.

“Any member of Congress, and certainly not a member of my own party, has a slight advantage over my vote,” the Congressman added. “What I will do for the benefit of my constituents and my country and what the relationship is in my conscience.”


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