Child stabbed to death in Città della Pieve, 44-year-old mother arrested for murder: the photo of the injured son sent to his father

It was arrested on a charge of aggravated voluntary manslaughter the mother of the child of two years who had laid the same woman dead on Friday conveyor belt: of the case of a grocery store in Po ‘Bandino, a fraction of City of the Pieve, in Perugia. It is about a 44enne of Hungarian nationality without permanent residence. The measure has been adopted by the deputy public prosecutor Manuela Comodi and, explain from To search from Perugia a LaPresse, it was necessary in view of the “numerous and important elements“During the initial investigations emerged.

According to what has been reconstructed so far, the mother was… the only person spent the hours prior to the death with the child, as evidenced by both testimonials collected and from watching the videos of the cameras of area. Near the supermarket, next to the stroller, on which there are stains not yet identified that they could be blood, are found toys, a hug and a diaper used, in addition to a T-shirt stained with blood with cuts on the front and a mother’s sweatshirt. Another key element that emerged was: Sending of a Photo portraying the bloody child who most likely was handed over from the woman on the dad of the small one in Hungary, through a social platform. The man, upon seeing the image, warned everyone Authoritythe investigators said.

However, it remains to be clarified the exact dynamics of the fact. Also to be determined the weapon of the crime: a knife and the little one even had multiple stab wounds to the chest. According to an initial version, the weapon was found in a cottage not far from the store, while for a second version, the knife was in the woman’s bag, but it has yet to be determined whether it is the murder weapon or not.

The mother walked into the supermarket on Friday afternoon, October 1, with her two-year-old son in her arms. He put it on the store’s assembly line and started asking for help. Help was useless: the staff of the 118 he tried in vain revive the little one, but after about twenty minutes the child was pronounced dead. However, the baby’s mother did not leave. Taken to the barracks by the carabinieri, she was interrogated by the deputy prosecutor, but appeared in plain sight to both the supermarket staff and the detectives. confused state and provide contrasting versions on what happened.

The investigations continued until late in the evening. The area around the supermarket was cordoned off and a stroller with some traces, probably of blood, also examined by investigators, coordinated by the prosecutor of Perugia. The “possible involvement of third parties” has yet to be determined. Also fenced off the abandoned house not far from the supermarket where the knife was found. The findings of the medical examiner are awaited: among the points to be clarified when and pigeon the baby is dead, if the mother has already taken him to the supermarket or dying. Also to find out where and how the injuries were caused: mother and son did not actually live in Città della Pieve, but were in the past visitors from a family home outside the region and then from some friends.

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