Corey Lewandowski finally went too far – he messed up the money

L.Bad breath Corey Lewandowski Puts Coming back, But he must have finally got bored of his reception in Trumpworld.

According to the allegations Reported in PoliticoThe Republican donor’s wife claimed that Lewandowski “repeatedly touched her with her legs and buttocks and spoke to her in sexual graphic language” and “beat her” until the evening. Oh yes, he “allegedly commented on the size of his genitals, described and demonstrated his sexual performance [her] The key to his hotel room. ”

The alleged incident cost Lewandowski his role in running the Trump SuperPAC (replaced by former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi), as well as his role. The South Dakota government is advising Christie Noam, 2024 potential presidential candidate. (She too left him a few days later A hit piece The pro-Trump website American Greatness, citing “unknown sources”, claimed the two had an affair. Which she has denied.)

What is worth noting, however, is that someone close to Trump will engage in suspicious alleged behavior (Jason Miller, Jerry Falwell, Jr., Matt Getz, et al.), But his behavior will actually have consequences. Like many in Trump’s orbit, Lewandowski has established a pattern of inappropriate and abusive behavior that usually results in a slap on the wrist, then a failure.

It has been a model for most of his life. Indeed, Lewandowski’s political career reads more like a wrap sheet than a standard political resume.

In his apartment, the decoration consisted of two lawn chairs and a stack of pornographic magazines.

In the late 90’s, he worked for Rep. Bob Ne, who went to prison after getting involved in the Jack Abramoff case. During that time, Lewandowski was arrested for bringing a loaded handgun into the Longworth House office building (along with his laundry). But his dirty laundry, as you can see, consisted of only one loaded gun.

Next, he went to work in St. Bob Smith’s New Hampshire as campaign manager for the 2002 re-election bid. For the sake of full disclosure, during this time, he briefly became my wife’s boss (she was already working as a fundraising consultant for Smith, and left shortly after appointing Lewandowski). Lewandowski, she tells me, insisted on saying “Hammer”, despite the fact that it was already a common nickname for Tom Dale. He made no progress, although he remembers once being in his apartment, where the decoration included “two lawn chairs and a stack of porn magazines.” She soon left (the apartment and then the expedition).

After Smith lost his elementary education, Lewandowski enrolled at the New Hampshire Police Academy before joining the conservative organization American for Prosperity (AFP). There during his tenure, therefore Politico reported, Lewandowski shouted [an] The employee challenged her authority, entered her personal space and called her ‘C-T’ in front of a group of AFP staffers, including some senior officials, three sources said, who either saw the exchange or faced the latter situation. ”

Lewandowski’s big break finally came when he stepped down as Trump’s campaign manager in 2015. Alleged date of Hope Hicks And the battery was publicly charged after he caught my friend and former colleague, reporter Michelle Fields, when she tried to ask Trump a question (Trump defended him, of course, Field suggested. “Ready“The whole thing).

Eventually, Lewandowski was fired as Trump’s campaign manager, replaced by Paul Manafort, and even removed from the Trump Tower for security reasons. Still, he immediately stepped on his feet, as a CNN contributor (he later resigned after it was revealed that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement that may have hampered his ability to make any comments critical of Trump) and as a Trump-linked lobbyist.

In 2017, pro-Trump singer Joy Villa filed a police report alleging that Lewandowski sexually assaulted her at a party at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. The villain alleged that Lewandowski “My ass got really hard, almost violent in nature.” (Lewandowski’s behavior did not shake Trump’s support for the villa. Recently this year, the villa was Trump showed up at the Grammy Awards wearing a pro dress. Take it Of, AOC!).

Regardless of his manner of behavior (which includes Alcohol, Power and sex), he has always been welcomed in Trumpworld.

This raises an obvious question: why is Lewandowski finally being held accountable? The answer is obvious. Therefore Explained Maggie Haberman In New York Times“Mr. Trump’s aides insist this latest incident is different, especially since it involves donors to former presidents.”

Moral, ethical and legal failures can be ignored, but lack of loyalty or respect for Donald will not diminish. What Trump understands when taking liberties with anything that is considered Trump’s domain is an unforgivable sin. So, say, catching a reporter or Refuse child support It won’t deport you, but it will deny Trump’s “big lie.” That’s why Trump donors exist in the do-not-group zone. Never Trump as Conservative Charlie Sykes put it“Donkeys can be caught and thighs can be liked, but the donor class will not be humiliated. MAGAverse has Standards. “

In other words, do what you want – journalists, singers, employees CitizenBut allegedly strangling the donor’s wife is an unforgivable sin, right there by acknowledging that Joe Biden won the election.

It turned out that there really are two Americans. Some people are more important than others. And there is still talk of money in Trump’s America.


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