Cyclone Shaheen: Avoid Beaches, Valleys, Sea, Warn UAE Authorities – News

UAE authorities on Saturday warned residents and visitors to avoid beaches, valleys, dams, mountainous and low-lying areas as Tropical Cyclone Shaheen could affect weather conditions in the country.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) said tropical cyclone Shaheen is currently centered in the northwest Arabian Sea at latitude 24.3 north and 60.9 east, and is forming from various types of clouds accompanied by rainy convective clouds of varying intensity. and strong winds on the Arabian Sea with speeds around the center of 116 to 150 km per hour.

An NCM spokesperson said at a virtual news conference on Oct. 2 that the center of the cyclone is 440 km from the coast of Fujairah. “The speed of the cyclone’s movement is 11 km/h in a west-northwest direction,” the official said.

According to the NCM’s forecasts, Tropical Cyclone Shaheen will continue towards the coasts of Oman for the next 24 hours, and that on Sunday afternoon and evening, October 3, some regions of the country will be affected by the expansion of the tropical situation.

“This would mainly occur in the eastern regions, including Al Ain and the southern regions and extend to some central regions, where convective clouds will increase, associated with rains of varying intensity leading to flash flooding in the valleys and rapids and water will accumulate in some low areas,” the official explained.

“As a proactive measure and for the safety of community members, procedures and measures have been announced following the cyclone’s passage in the affected areas,” the spokesman said. Residents should avoid going to the beaches and the sea during this period.

“Avoid valleys, low-lying areas and places with strong currents,” he added. “The rain will lead to torrential flows in valleys, and water is expected to collect in some low-lying areas. The winds are active to strong, and they stir up dust, resulting in reduced horizontal visibility, especially with cumulus clouds sometimes accompanied by lightning and thunder,” the spokesperson said.

Residents were urged to follow news and information broadcast on official social media channels. “We call on all members of society to follow the information broadcast by the National Center of Meteorology on all its official electronic platforms and not to get carried away by rumors circulating about weather conditions,” he added.

The official also said the UAE is well prepared for the potential impact of the cyclone. “NCM’s technical team is working around the clock to analyze available data and create carefully researched forecasts, which NCM would share with relevant authorities. All necessary precautions and coordination efforts are underway to cope with the ongoing weather situation,” he added.

Dhanusha Gokulan

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