Democratic Judiciary Now Attacks Mimmo Lucano Sentence – Il Tempo

This is also happening, that a stream of the judiciary refuses to defend his colleagues who were spoken badly for having sentenced to the 13-year prison term imposed on Mimmo Lucano. In practice, that decision can easily be questioned, we are not the caste. Speaking more or less in this way is the usual current of the democratic judiciary, which sometimes seems to express itself as a real political party: “The request for interventions by the ANM to protect” the judgment handed down by the court of Locri against Mimmo Lucano has been outspoken” Raises the public perception of a closed judiciary, which is seen as a priestly caste that protects its rites and rulings, does not question the inevitable social effects of its provisions and therefore does not tolerate criticism, thus reducing the alibi of technicalities raised”.

We should ask them why the sentences should now take into account the ‘inevitable social effects’ they determine. Almost as if the evidence that emerged in the trial would no longer count. The next question is whether the problems always arise, gentlemen of the Democratic Judiciary or just for some trials, for example those where the left arises for the punishments she doesn’t like. The clarity of another section, that of the Independent Judiciary, is very different: “We distance ourselves from attacks targeting individual judges. “These are methods that are typical of a certain way of doing politics, which do not belong to us and from which we distance ourselves by force.” “Following the recent ruling of the Court of Locri, as happened a few days ago with the ruling of the Court of Appeal of Palermo, we are witnessing disorderly reactions, resulting in personal attacks on the magistrates who handed down these sentences” he underlines Me. “We are magistrates and we are aware that our decisions are necessarily intended to displease someone and often cause unrest. We have firmly shouldered the burden of the decision, but we do not want it to be weighed down any further by the conditioning of politics, wherever they come from.”


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