Edouard Philippe assures the protesters that they will be “welcome” to his future party

Former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe assured this Saturday Republican activists on the march, gathered on the “campus” in Avignon, that they would be “welcome” to his future party that he will launch on October 9.

“I had the opportunity to say that I wanted to participate in the enlargement of the majority, of the electoral base of the president,” Emmanuel Macron explained to the former head of government in a video message broadcast during the large meeting of LREM that brings together about 4,000 people. “I will have the opportunity to take political initiatives on October 9 in Le Havre. The aim is to participate in the new political offerings that will arise from this presidential campaign. And of course you are welcome in Le Havre on October 9,” ​​he added.

Edouard Philippe “has a vocation to be” under the tent “” LREM

Edouard Philippe once again assured that he “wanted” Emmanuel Macron as a candidate and was re-elected in April 2022, he provide his support with “loyalty” and “enthusiasm”. But his plea for
push the retirement age back to 67 or his major reservations about the youth engagement income promised by Emmanuel Macron, as outlined in an interview with Challenges Last Thursday sowed questions among some walkers.

The imminent creation of a new party, although it did not physically attend the meeting in Avignon, also contributed, while the macrony tries to structure the presidential majority within a “community house”. The new formation of Edouard Philippe, from LR and who has always refused to accept his card at LREM, should she be part of that? “Yes”, Edouard Philippe “is meant to be” in the tent”, assured LREM boss Stanislas Guerini this Saturday, reiterating that there was “no difference in the presidential majority compared to these steps”.

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