Electric fire truck a national first for Canberra | The Canberra Times

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Electric fire truck a national first for Canberra |  The Canberra Times

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Canberra becomes the first place in Australia to have an electric fire truck. The ACT government will take delivery of the million dollar vehicle next year. Only a handful of the revolutionary vehicles are thought to be in use anywhere in the world – two in Europe and one in Los Angeles. The emergency services of the ACT have worked on the design with the company Rosenbauer, which started making fire-fighting equipment 150 years ago in Austria. The resulting vehicle will hit the streets of Canberra (as it is battery powered, very quiet). The vehicle is a hybrid. It can run on diesel to extend its range if needed, but the main drive will be electric, with the truck plugged in when not working. It will also have solar panels to charge the batteries. The combination of systems would give him about eight to ten hours of driving time with a charge in 30 minutes. In addition, it will be equipped with a drone that can assess damage to, for example, a burning roof. It will have a small diesel engine to power the pumps during operations rather than using the batteries. IN OTHER NEWS: The ACT Emergency Services Agency studied how Canberra’s busiest fire engine, in Ainslie, was deployed and concluded that the new electric vehicle only needed to switch to diesel backup on six incidents in a year. Fire chief Matthew Mavity said the truck would deliver “tremendous efficiency” and make an “incredible difference.” It will be entered from the side, like a bus, and that would reduce knee and back injuries for firefighters who now have to scramble and scramble with heavy equipment under difficult conditions. Mick Gentleman, the ACT’s emergency services minister, said it would make a big contribution to saving fuel, for the good of the economy and the good of the environment. “Switching just one of our existing trucks to an electric fire truck is expected to reduce diesel consumption by around 185,000 liters over a 10-year period,” he said. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts, so they are better at using oil. The truck is expected to use 400 liters less engine oil per year. Our journalists work hard to provide local, current news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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