Ferrari F1, Turkish GP introduces new engine for Carlos Sainz[F1-Gate .com]

Ferrari F1 will install an updated engine on Carlos Sainz in the next F1 Turkish Grand Prix, and Sainz will be penalized for degrading the grid at Istanbul Park.

Ferrari F1 introduced an updated engine to Charles Leclerc during the F1 Russian Grand Prix. Although the power gains are kept secret from the rivals, an increase of 10 to 15 horsepower has reportedly been achieved.

Ferrari F1 team representative Mattia Binotto has admitted that the team is aiming to bring the updated PU to Carlos Sainz’s car as soon as possible, according to Italian reports at the next F1 Turkish Grand Prix. can go to disaster.

That would give Carlos Sainz a definite boost, but it would be the fourth engine and would face a grid penalty regardless of when it was installed.

Charles Leclerc, who started the F1 Russian Grand Prix from the end, got off to a strong start by using a new power unit to increase the points by 7 positions only on the first lap, but the rain just before the end caused the race to end. was in 15th place. finished.

On the other hand, Carlos Sainz, battling with the old spec power unit, started from the front row and finished the race on the podium in 3rd place.

However, despite the contrast between Russia’s fortunes, senior Ferrari executives have confirmed that data collected by Charles Leclerc shows that the new update is working as intended.

“It’s certainly not a revolution, but the update worked fine and we’re happy,” Ferrari F1 general manager Laurent Mekeys told Motorbox.

Mattia Binotto was a little open about how the update worked on Charles Leclerc’s machine, adding that the update could be important in the development of the 2022 powerplant.

The improvements made by the F1 team will become more important given the “freeze” of the F1 engine that is planned for construction in 2022. This will severely limit powerplant development until the introduction of the new engine formula in 2026 .

“It’s definitely a step forward in terms of performance, but what we were most interested in was being able to take advantage of this new technology as much as possible,” said Mattia Binotto.

“Experience wise it is clear that having this update on the car in 2022 will help, and I am happy that Charles can use the new engine in the rest of the championship.”

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