“First and last time Pd in ​​executive at Lega”

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“First and last time Pd in ​​executive at Lega”

Today, in an exceptional situation, the Democratic Party has he is in government with the Lega and with Salvini. It’s the first and last time. It is a commitment I make “. Said Democratic Party secretary Enrico Letta on an electoral initiative in Cortona.”We are the party that mainly supports the Draghi government. Of course with our ideas “but always to come to positive solutions.” Today we ask for a vote for these areas and to strengthen the Draghi government.”

As for the administrative “on Monday, the Democratic Party will be the first Italian political party“.” There are five major metropolises going to the vote, the other time we had the center left what won two and lost three. If we confirm the two and lose the three already, it would be a defeat. With a 3-2 that would be good news for us. From the age of four, it would be a triumph for us and I would celebrate the result with the greatest vigor “.” They always said to me: ‘the division of the Democratic Party’ … The Democratic Party has shown in this election campaign to be the most united political party in Italy “.” You’ve never heard me speak ill of my competitors “in the Arezzo-Siena college.” We campaigned honestly and respectfully. But we must tell the Italians that the future of Italian politics will be based on a new bipolarism, in which we are on one side and on the other on the right.”

“On the other hand, there are only Salvini and Meloni, the federation center right is no more – he concludes – and that is why we have a responsibility to build a coalition around the Democratic Party that can get one more vote and to govern”.

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