For Meloni, the FanPage video is “poisoned meatball”. But the “Black Baron” Jonghi posts photos with her and Salvini: “Now no one is trying to pretend they don’t know me”

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For Meloni, the FanPage video is “poisoned meatball”.  But the “Black Baron” Jonghi posts photos with her and Salvini: “Now no one is trying to pretend they don’t know me”

A post on Instagram with two photos: one immortalizes it with Giorgia Melonic, the other with Matteo Salvinic. It is a clear message sent by Roberto Jonghi Lavarinic, the “black baronAlready a candidate for the Chamber by Fdi in 2018 and sentenced to two years for apology for fascism, ended up in the center of the journalistic investigation into “Utilities no one pretends not to know meThe reference is, of course, to the Fdi executives who are fighting in these hours to mark the distance from Javarini. Fanpage’s video investigation documented how members of the party of Giorgia Melonic lead the election campaign for the Milan municipal elections, including alleged black loans and the pressure of groups of Extremely right. An election campaign in which, according to the Fanpage video, an important role is reserved for Jonghi Lavarini, who, however, does not have an official office.

Melons: “Poisoned Meatball” – The video led to self-suspension of MEP’s party Carlo Fidanza, often immortalized with Lavarini on Fanpage’s hidden camera, while the Milan prosecutor said it had opened a file based on the funding illegal to the parties and the to recycle to illuminate the story. Meloni’s first reaction, on the other hand, was to take the time: “I’m ready to make all the necessary decisions when I have some responsibility really, but to be aware of this I ask to have the whole 100 hour movie. Then I’ll let you know what I think,” the Fdi leader said yesterday. Who returned to the story today with a very different tone. No more direct decisions but a sharp definition of the Fanpage research: “It’s one” poisoned meatball a few days before the administrative vote. Three years as an infiltrated journalist to broadcast 10 minutes of video on the last day of the election campaign and on the pages of the newspapers on the day of silence, in a rule of law it would never have happened”.

The function of the Black Baron – Lavarini’s intervention was different. “I am absolutely independent and impartial but nobody pretend you don’t know me or, worse, dare insult for free I e la community of true patriots which I, in spite of myself, currently have the honor and duty to represent,” writes the”Black BaronPosting photos on Instagram that portray him with Salvini and Meloni: the message is very clear. “The 5% of the votes of the radical right“Is tempting for all and essential to win any bipolar challenge, both in municipalities and regions and in political elections,” continues the “Black Baron.” How do you say: his numbers a fdi – as in the competition, supported at the 2019 European Championships – they are needed. In that sense, Lavarini seems to be responding to Fidanza, as the MEP, who suspended himself from the party, said: “There has never been an extremist attitude in me, racist or anti-Semitic. If anything, in the Pictures published, I have ironically corrected the unacceptable claims of Roberto Jonghi Lavarinic, who do not have or are not allowed to have citizenship in Brothers of Italy, party in which, however, the same he is not registered or has a rolePosition similar to that of Fabio Rampelli, who in an interview with Republic claims: “We’ve never had to deal with” nazis e racists“We’ve always kicked them out.” Also to the Vice President of the House, the images distributed by Fanpage are “poisoned meatballs. I don’t think it’s fair to take them out like that, a few days before the vote”.

“Nobody has given or received money” – In addition to the social media post, Jonghi Lavarini also released a lengthy press release titled “defensive nutsWith which he denies what has been reconstructed by the journalistic investigation. “No one has given or received money, period: only smoking without roast, a flash in the pan, soap bubbles… ”, says the “Black Baron”. “Everyone, me first, has always said to clearly and officially sponsor a conference, meeting, room, advertising, wire transfer or bill payment. Never did while he insisted so much black he wanted to get rid of it. No candidate has ever accepted this solution in the slightest. The visual cutting and stitching of the alleged research – he continues – is absolutely instrumental, ridiculous, malicious, extrapolated from the private, informal context and, I repeat, absolutely goliardic meetings. So much smoke for nothing. Too bad he didn’t clearly reject his obscene proposals to the sender.”

The Fanpage Survey – In reality, the picture returned by the Fanpage study is quite different. Three years ago, in 2019, a reporter pretended to be a businessman and began dating a group of characters from… Extremely right in Milan. To accompany him lavarin, who appears to be working closely with fidanza, MEP and Head of Delegation of Brothers of Italy. Fidanza and Javarini support the lawyer’s candidacy at the city council Chiara Valcepina and – according to the video research – explicitly ask for funding from alleged businessman. “The methods are: o Deposit into the appropriate current account. If, on the other hand, you need the opposite e it is more comfortable for you to do black, she pays for the bar and col black then covers other costshe says at one point Fidanza MEP for the undercover journalist. Lavarini is more explicit: it is necessary to give the money to ‘two entrepreneurs if they take it privately because’ they have the round of black and make payments to the Valcepina account”. The invitation is made explicit some time later, during an election event: Fidanza and Javarini leave after putting their cell phones on the table. The “black baron” explains that he is “one” series of washing machines“For the financing of the election campaign. Fidanza goes into detail: “He finds four or five professionals, these people they make the payment back to the electoral account“. The whole affair will be followed by Javarini, because Fidanza wants to stay clean: “I have a competition in a year and a half, I I’m risking the future of my career” explains. Javarini, on the other hand, claims that he has repeatedly used these methods to fund election campaigns: “Even in the Lombardy region, I brought them to him, I conducted more operations of the pure money type”.

“I don’t belong to a Masonic lodge” – But not alone. Fanpage’s hidden camera also documents more. For example, pregnancy is used to tease Paolo Berizzi, journalist under guard because he was threatened by the neo-Nazis. And he’s not happy with the coalition’s mayoral candidate, Luc Bernardo. According to the candidate Valcepina, he looks like “the Yogi bear”, while an unknown voter remarked: “How the fuck are you doing in Milan choose a sicilian mayor? Amid fascist salutes, insults against Jews and tributes to Hitler’s Munich brewery, Javarini claims to be part of something bigger than Fdi. cross group, let’s say esoteric, where there are several masonic. Then there’s a whole vein of it Hitler’s admirersplus we have our own informal information and security service, we have a network of ex-servicemen,” he says. An organization transversal to parties. “We have political contacts within the center right, not just in the league but also in Brothers of Italy and even Forza Italia”. But now Lavarini denies: “I do not belong to” no masonic lodge or secret association, indeed, even though I know several Freemasons, they all know my opposition and opposition. Also because 90% of Italian Freemasonry is notoriously anti-fascist and left-wing, today enthusiastic supporters of the Draghi government. On the contrary, I belong to several Christian orders of chivalry. the ‘esoteric groupMentioned is just a whatsapp chat, very heterogeneous, from fans of myths, traditions, mysteries, UFOs, magic, castles haunted by ghosts, Evola and Guenon, such as Atlantis and the pyramids, Yoga and Tibet. Anyway, we haven’t been able to see each other in person yet.” While the admirer of Hitler, Jonghi Lavarini always goes on, “Carlo Vichi, the great Italian entrepreneur of Mivar televisions, recently passed away, whom I had the honor to know and whose ideas were publicly known”.

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