Gibraltar has a 119 percent vaccination rate against Covid-19

Although it seems impossible, this country has vaccinated 119 percent of its population. While that figure is incorrect, there is an explanation.

‘The most vaccinated country in the world’ – it is a title that every country would certainly like to claim in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But an unlikely country can boast that after its population vaccinated 119 percent at the end of last month.

Gibraltar, a British territory on the southern coast of Spain, has a population of just 33,679 people, but is the envy of the rest of the world.

As of September 30, only 1.04 percent of eligible adults had not had the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to Our world in data, which tracks Covid-19 cases, deaths and vaccine rates around the world, the small country tops the charts with a vaccination rate of 119 percent.

That is despite the fact that children under 12 are not yet able to receive their injection.

While 119 percent may not be correct, there is an explanation for it.

Gibraltar has passed its enviable 100 percent vaccination rate as it has also distributed doses to non-residents.

The area reportedly has a large number of workers coming from Spain who got the jabs while in Gibraltar, making it part of their official count.

The government of Gibraltar has distributed the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine to people living in the country aged 16 years or older, regardless of their resident status or visa status.

Health Minister Samantha Sacramento said: AP that 40,000 had gotten their chance — which is more than the country’s total population, suggesting they have a large foreign workforce.

The country has experienced just 97 Covid-19 deaths so far.

And as if you needed any more proof that the vaccines work, all those deaths were before the shot was widely available.

By comparison, the US has fully vaccinated 56 percent of the entire population — reaching more than 700,000 deaths on Saturday.

Australia stands at about 56 percent fully vaccinated for people over the age of 16.

In a staggering number, the tiny country has not had a Covid-19 death since February 28 this year, despite the increase in the delta strain around the world.

Between In February and June, Gibraltar did not even have a single recorded Covid-19 case.

By mid-April, the country had distributed 66,232 doses — roughly equivalent to the entire population.

However, health officials reported that 3.5 percent still hadn’t gotten the shot when they qualified.

After a few new cases were registered in July when the delta strain of the coronavirus arrived on its shores, the number of anti-vaxxers fell even further.

The 3.5 percent figure fell to just 1.04 percent, according to Gulf News.

Gibraltar has delivered at least 79,527 doses of Covid-19 vaccines to date, according to latest data from Gibraltar Reuters.

The country has been in lockdown for a total of two months.


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