Hesse: Raser raced through the 80s zone at 244 km/h – 12,000 euro fine – Frankfurt

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Hesse: Raser raced through the 80s zone at 244 km/h – 12,000 euro fine – Frankfurt

Oops, this trip was pretty expensive!

Because he Speeding on a highway construction site at 244 kilometers per hour a 53-year-old PS Rambo has to pay a fine of 12,000 euros (120 daily rates). He also has to surrender his driver’s license for ten months.

This has now been decided by the Frankfurt District Court (file number: 3510 Js 256549/20). Legally, the brutal drive was considered a prohibited car race and thus a criminal offence. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

The suspect was driving on the A3 between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden last November when he passed the construction site near Hattersheim (Hessen).

But instead of slowing down to the 80 km/h speed limit, he just rumbled on with his Mercedes AMG. Time of the crime: 10:19 am – the autobahn is definitely not empty anymore.

The Rambo driver did not brake until a speed camera had photographed him. He was identified by the photo and subject to criminal proceedings.

He admitted in court that he was behind the wheel. However, he gave no further reasons for the high speed.

According to the verdict, only the abstract endangering of other motorists within the confusing construction site with bends and constrictions was the reason for the conviction. It was said that no second car was allowed to participate in a prohibited car race.

The lawyer had requested an acquittal for legal reasons, the public prosecutor a fine.


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