How to get firm fish fillet in the new world?

New World has various activities beyond the normal raiding, fighting, looting and traveling. Players can craft items, go fishing, and even cook those fish in different ways, such as adding fish roe. New World players can prepare different recipes. All of them must be learned and require the correct ingredients to be gathered in advance.

One tricky ingredient that New World players are looking for is the Firm Fish Filet. There are quite a few fish that can be caught and turned into a solid fish fillet, you just need to improve your fishing skills.

New world: how do I get a firm fish fillet

A player fishing in the New World.  (Image via Amazon Games)

The following fish can be salvaged when caught and turned into a firm fish fillet:

  • Catfish
  • Codfish
  • Halibut
  • Sturgeon
  • Ordinary fish
  • unusual fish

The traditional Fish Filet is easy to find in the New World, but the Firm Fish Filet seems to elude some players. This Tier II raw food has a chance of falling from any fish you save.

You have a much better chance if the fish you save is of unusual rarity or higher. Just go to your inventory and select the fish you want to save. This can be done from anywhere.

A player after catching a fish in the New World.  (Image via Amazon Games)Read also

Of course, you can always get Firm Fish Filet by trading. The trading house is a great place to find hard to collect resources.

Be careful and watch the prices. Players set their own prices in the trading house, so make sure you don’t buy a simple ingredient like this for an outrageous amount unless you really need it.

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