ICC considers reducing the duration of media rights to four years

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ICC considers reducing the duration of media rights to four years

IPL vs ICC media rights: ICC, stunned by BCCI, considers cutting media rights term to 4 years, decision likely at Nov. 16 board meeting

ICC Media Rights – ICC vs BCCI IPL Rights: – Days after BCCI stunned ICC by announcing that it will release the IPL media rights tender on October 25, immediately after announcing the two new IPL teams for 2022, the international body has decided to maximize its revenue by limiting the duration of its media rights. shorten. Instead of an eight-year term, the ICC now wants it divided into four-year terms. In addition, rather than a consolidated global rights holder, the ICC wants to have multiple rights holders based on the territories.

“The ICC started working on this plan a year ago. They realized that choosing to tender only for the Indian market – their largest source of income – would help them consolidate their largest market first and then give them the necessary time and resources to tender other global areas. , such as UK and Europe, America, African countries, Australia and New Zealand,” sources were cited by TOI.

ICC media rights: Shocked by BCCI, ICC considers cutting media rights term to four years, decision likely at Nov. 16 board meeting

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ICC Media Rights – ICC vs BCCI IPL Rights: InsideSport previously reported that two years earlier ICC wanted to invite media rights tenders to avoid a clash with the BCCI’s IPL media rights and launch its own tender before the Indian administration could.

In this way, ICC could maximize revenue from broadcasting rights. However, in a blow to their plans, BCCI announced that they would instead release the IPL media rights for the 2023-27 cycle on October 25.

“It’s true, this time ICC will probably avoid the process of selling all the rights to one broadcaster, as is the case with the current cycle of ICC rights where Star has the whole world pie. ICC will likely divide their rights from territory to territory,” a knowledgeable source in the ICC told InsideSport earlier in September.

As the broadcasters are expected to line up for IPL rights, ICC now wants to go after the rest of the companies.

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“BCCI’s move clearly surprised the industry as the ICC was trying to work out and see if they could put out a tender for the BCCI. This BCCI move stunned the ICC and other stakeholders. Now the ICC has no choice but to wait for the IPL tender to come out or else they will position themselves at an impasse with the BCCI.” sources told TOI.

IPL vs ICC media rights: why does ICC halve the duration of the media rights?

  • Since BCCI announced that the tender for IPL rights would be released immediately after October 25, ICC expects their rights to be sold for less.
  • Currently, Star India owns both ICC and IPL rights.
  • Once the IPL media rights are sold, ICC expects the focus to shift to the media rights with numerous ICC events lined up. ICC wants to cash in on the fear of missing out, as companies missing out on IPL rights are expected to go after ICC.
  • Rather than a global consolidated rights holder, ICC wants territorial rights holders to maximize revenue.
  • ICC will tender for the Indian subcontinent first as India queues to host multiple ICC events during the 2024-31 cycle.
  • The bidders who will miss out on the IPL rights will want to jump for ICC because they don’t want to miss anything.

Although ICC has put the plan in motion, it wants to get a green signal from all board members on November 16, two days after the T20 World Cup final, to get final approval.

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ICC, stunned by BCCI, considers cutting media rights term to four years, decision likely at Nov. 16 board meeting

“It’s a win-win for the ICC if they do this correctly. They deserve BCCI’s friendship; they get desperate players in the market queuing up for their rights. They will have enough time to lock in host countries for their next rights cycle and most importantly their tender could technically be earlier than the IPL in 2027 when new rights sales will start again.” according to sources.

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