Is Letitia James running for governor of New York?

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Is Letitia James running for governor of New York?

“A lot of people have approached me about running for a higher position,” she said, adding that her focus is on her current job.

But asked to feature those conversations, Ms. James was not ashamed.

She said, “I should consider this because of my leadership, my ability to speak the truth to the authorities, my experience and my ability to bring the state together.” “I’m still focusing on the attorney general’s office, but I thank him for his comments.”

Her remarks came after she spoke briefly at Jr.’s Brooklyn Democratic Party rally, a restaurant famous for cheesecakes and political events.

The scene there is the clearest example of how the Democratic primary has begun to take shape over the past week, with the original form of the propaganda path unfolding.

Ms. Hochul, the state‚Äôs first female governor, was also there, part of her breakneck public schedule as she also strives to be aggressive Cement the benefits of raising a large fund Prior to primary. She spoke to both Ms. James and Juma de Williams, New York City public prosecutors, who announced this week that they have set up an investigation committee and are considering running it themselves. (“Great job as a public prosecutor!” Ms. Hochul burst into tears.)

Ms. Hochul, Ms. James, and Mr. Williams walked around a room filled with party workers and select leaders, who took selfies and hugs while sipping from a balanced coffee cup with stuck egg keys and uncertainty. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is also believed to have the weight of running, and other Bronx Democrats came down a day later at the rally.

It is possible that Ms. James may not ultimately challenge Ms. Hochul. She has no history as a strong fundraiser, although her allies hope that as the first possible black woman governor in the United States, she will gain national attention and support if she runs. She will also have to leave her current job for governor, and perhaps she would rather take another position as attorney general – perhaps because of her recent activities.

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