“It is not impossible to win the World Cup” Troussier admitted the possibility of Japanese football and the reason why “FIFA ranking is impossible” –Japan National Football Team –Number Web

This is the second part of the interview with Philippe Troussier.

The subject is one of the “Vision 2030” of the J League, “The World of 2050”, prepared by the Japan Football Association, because it is possible to “record in the five major leagues of the world with the human resource Japanese-style development system” Proceed to “win the cup”.

Troussier analyzes and predicts the future of Japan. (Continued from the second / #1 of all 2 times)

— So what about entering the world’s five major leagues at the level of play?

“To be in the five major leagues of the world at the level of play, in particular …, now the number 1 is probably England, Spain and Germany, France, Italy. In the Belgian league compared to the J league What about Turkey, Spain or Morocco…

What I mean is that it is possible enough, but it has nothing to do with the national team. Unfortunately, Asia is far from Europe, even if the J-League becomes one of the five major leagues in the world – even if the level of play is comparable to that of the five major leagues of Europe. It is not easy for the Japanese to prove their strength in France, England and Spain.

But even if Yokohama F. Marinos, Nagoya Grampus and Gamba Osaka compete in European competition every weekend, they have the power to stay in the first division. Not wrong at all. Looking at the content of football practiced in Japan, the quality of the game, the general sense of unity, discipline, organization … I have no surprises.

Difference Between J-League And Japan National Team Level

I always say that Japanese players are the best in the world. This is true in terms of technique, understanding, discipline and tactics. The technology in particular is excellent. And in general, if Japan is in the top five in the world – I’m only talking about the league, not the national team – the answer is Wi. It can be said that the J League is already in the top 5 in the world. At least it’s in the top ten.

So when it comes to the league it’s Wi, but the team…, if Marinos could be a French or German champion, it’s very different. The team is different and you should know that. But as far as the competition itself is concerned, I would say that Japan is on par with Spain and Italy in every way, including in terms of organisation. It’s no wonder that when a French player moves to a Japanese club, Japan is better than Europe. I’m convinced of that. Ask Iniesta the same question.”

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