Jealous of his girlfriend for a Facebook profile, he shoots his father

The carabinieri arrested an 18-year-old

CATANIA – Believing that his girlfriend had created a fake Facebook profile with a friend and was using it to keep in touch with other boys in the area, he requested an “enlightening” meeting with the girl’s father, during which he wounded him with a shot to the leg. This is the charge being contested by the Public Prosecutor of Catania against Mikael Kevin Cambria, 18 years old, who was arrested by the carabinieri in execution of a Gip ordinance, for grievous bodily harm and illegal carrying of weapons and ammunition.

The August 20 episode

The investigation, carried out by the army of the operational core of the company Piazza Dante, was started after a 40-year-old came to the emergency room of the Garibaldi Centro hospital on the night of August 20 last year with a gunshot. wound to his left leg, which had both the entrance and exit holes. The man told the carabinieri he had argued over a scooter rear-end collision with a stranger who got out of the vehicle and pointed a gun at his legs, then shot him and ran.

The jealousy at the root of the insane gesture

An investigation by the military made it possible to connect the wounded man and the gunman and to reconstruct the dynamics and motive of the incident allegedly caused by sentimental reasons, jealousy and pride among young people in the neighborhood of San Cristoforo. The investigating judge has ordered his arrest in prison.

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